[Working] How to Stop Terrarium Buffering

It’s time to stop terrarium TV buffering for good, today we’re looking at terrarium TV errors and problems so we introduced some fixes to try and help this there are a few things we can do for terrarium we’ve also done the fix for Kodi Player Buffering. We’re gonna change some of the providers in terrarium and we’re gonna do a few settings on the player as well

Okay the biggest thing is we all know with whips buffering it can also come down to internet speeds, make sure you’re checking you internet speed at peak times and make sure you are getting a decent speed okay you’re gonna want something new ideally I’ve recommended it into about eighteen to twenty, you can’t be okay from ten but you will experience some bandwidth issues if you’ve got other things connected to internet at the same time and that’s megabytes per second

Obviously, don’t try to watch 4k if you’re running on about eight or ten, just get be happy with a nice 720 or 1080 good quality right.

MX PLAYER Settings:

At first, we’re gonna look at MX player okay you’ll need an MX player the latest version and set up on this terrarium instead of yes player okay easily done

  • Open MX Player and click on 3 dots
  • Select Settings from this list
  • We are gonna go to Player
  • Scroll down and check in to Default Playback Speed and make it to 100
  • Scroll down some more and go in to Video Resizing Delay put 4 zeros in their.

Setting Default Media Player in Terrarium

Now we need to select MX Player as default Media Player in Terrarium to do this follow these steps.

Open terrarium and check in to Menu by Select three bars located at top left side

Enter into Settings and Hover Over Select Default Media Player

From this List of Players Select MX Player

Changes in Terrarium Settings:

Changes the Following things in Terrarium Setting Menu:

>Scroll Down until you find Sources List Refresh time Interval, Change the value from 5 to 11.

>Check the Hide reCaptcha Verification Message

You can also Disable the Resolvers that were making Problems such as Openload, Vidup, Vidme by unchecking them

How to Install MX Player Pro:

Download the Latest MX Player Pro Version

Click Here to Download MX player Pro Latest Version

After Downloading dialog Box Popup asking to install MX player APK.


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