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An all-in-one ThopTV apk and I’ve stayed away from it in the past but now it’s been really good the last few updates here just gonna be careful it’s had some updates where it’s just had some suspicious engines picked up by the virus. I always use virus total to scan apps just to make sure that they’re safe, but this one had some suspicious activity with it early on the last few updates kept my eye on it it’s been clean ever since and people have really recommended it so i’ve given it another shot lately and not disappointed it’s got live almost everything that i would watch from us UK etc really good and there’s a couple of folders that I’m going to show you i’m not going to show you everything so there’s so much to it and then even for movies didn’t realize it was so good for movies so tv shows and movies is also there so let’s take a look at it first and then show you to get it installed.

How to Download and Install using Filelinked Codes:

This app is only available on the my Filelinked store

  • Use 76705196 with pin 3223
  • After that press next and continue
  • Find Thop TV apk and install

What do you get in ThopTV apk?

This is an indian app so there’s a lot of indian content so if you’re looking for that this is a great app for that so there’s a lot of footy in there there’s a lot of sports channels also us too but the main focus is india and there is also some other countries there too so even here there’s a nice trending section so a lot of popular shows there like friends like one division and nice thing is if you click it you have your choice actually of english or hindi so if you are looking for indian it’s actually built in right there so you can pick right there or you can go to english and this is one of the fastest players i’ve ever seen so if we pick an episode let’s say the first one there it’s already playing so it’s probably five seconds there’s no scraping there’s no sources you have to choose sometimes for movies you have the choice of a 360 or 480 or 720 or something i haven’t seen a lot of 1080 but even the 720s are really watchable and if you just don’t want fuss this might be the app for you you’re not scraping you’re trying to find free links those aren’t working you don’t want to pay for realdebrid this is maybe another good option so just have everything in one is a nice option.

Thop TV for TV shows

Thop TV is definitely is a good option so just one example of a tv show so there’s trending at the top and this will be mainly blurred out just because of all the sensitive material it has so big brother’s always watching but here if we go to live the two folders that i use is mainly this one called heather so it says global so you can click here for if you want a certain category so if you want just sports channels or a certain country so you can see us canada uk so there’s quite a bit of channels in here then we can go down one thing you can do without registering with the app is to do favorites which is unfortunate i’m not going to do that i don’t want to send anything out there where i’m tied to the app at all so definitely recommend using a vpn let me know in the comments if you guys have tried that if you registered and it does work well with favorites i may consider it but i’ll use kind of a email that’s kind of far down just uh anonymous one but for now i just use it as it is just kind of surfing and finding channels which isn’t too difficult so here already i can try let’s say let’s say you want to watch some boxing this loads really quick so it’s already on maybe three seconds and good quality with these channels too it’s one of my favorites bt sports this one gives you the option of a few as long as it’s just one sometimes it’s a few of them so different sources like literally within two three seconds so awesome for live tv i’ve been using this one a lot there’s just everything in there so uk channels sports channels every sports channel you can think of so here for canada we got the tsns and just awesome like literally within a few seconds like i’m blown away how fast it is so a lot of content that’s when you basically have to browse yourself i can’t show you everything there’s just too much there’s thousands and thousands of channels but this folder especially is really good if you keep going you’re gonna see some uk some us channels so here you can see a uk section so let’s say you want to try channel five.

Thop TV for Movies

Watch some classic shows a few seconds awesome quality now we get into us so you got all kinds of stars channels so there’s one that just says buffering but it’s pretty far and few between so there’s some canadian shows so it just keeps going and going and going easiest way is probably if you separate it at the top just here with your country so if you want just us channels and you can click that you can separate them and that’s probably the easiest way so some of those channels don’t work here’s another folder this one’s also really good cilla so this one you can do by language so if you want a certain language let’s say you want french channels you want german channels you want english channels you can separate them so that’s a nice feature too so here we start out with bbc we got a we got a uk selection so again working within a few seconds looks like an irish channel you know i’m always looking out for my uk friends.

How many channels you get in Thop TV

lots of uk channels lots of uk channels and you can check out some other folders there’s just too much here to show you guys so there are all these different folders with hundreds or thousands of channels in them and in movies too this one’s a really good one called new movies so this one you can separate by genre this side you can separate by language there’s also a good selection here watch how fast this is to play so i clicked it maybe five seconds so it’s awesome like i said some will show the quality which you can choose otherwise it just seems to be good i don’t know if it’s 720 or 1080 but it looks really watchable so tons and tons and tons so definitely check this out another good one again i haven’t tried these all is this one cine movies this one doesn’t have a sorter or anything at the top but you can kind of choose the ones you like so there’s a brand new one so you have your choice 360 or 720. maybe three seconds to play incredible so really cool app another good helpful feature is the search right here if you’re searching for a certain channel you can go right here and you can search for it so that’s really helpful too if you’re looking for something specific and then movies has the same thing so that’s really helpful i think so now let’s show you how to get this installed i’m going to show you my filing store so this one’s in my file link not my website.

How to install on Firestick TV

Demonstrate for amazon 4k fire stick so here we just go to the home if you haven’t done this already this is your first step to getting these third-party apps you go to settings and then go down all the way over to my fire tv and you just want to turn on developer options and here it is apps from unknown sources you just want to turn that on it’s going to give you this paragraph you can read that if you like turn it on now you just have to do once then we can press the home button and you just go one to the left for downloader you’re going to get that app this is a free app on the amazon app store once you start typing it’ll populate pretty quickly that’s that one right there so you can download and install that again it’s free and you can okay anything that pops up and you can also allow storage permissions that’s important for the app and to download file link directly to your device you just put in it’s also on my website but this is the official way so you can press go now it’s going to start downloading pretty small file for file linked and then you can click on install i’ve installed already once it’s done this is important you want to delete that install file just so it’s not taking up space you can delete one more time delete and then we can go back to home and you’ll find the app right in your second row which is your apps and games looks just like that then i’ll give you my code and my pin for my store so as i update daily as well as my website so now you go right into the box here.



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