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Stix Media APK so lets jump right into it so the first one just had an update this weekend this is now 1.0.3 there’s also an ad free version on my website and this one wasn’t working good for live but now actually it is and i will support reel to bridge so i’ll show you the change log very quickly so fix some issues updated the player so fix some crashes fix the force close and you can see added real to bread so i was kind of excited to try this and for some people they’re having trouble when they go into the app it’s asking for a pin it should just be a pin that you’re setting for yourself so whatever you want to choose it just to get into the adult section just so younger eyes don’t go in there accidentally it’s just a pin for yourself that’s what it should be at least now if i go into live just going to show you just a sample of a few channels because this wasn’t working very good before i was just completely avoiding it but i was curious with this new update so now i’m going to try just a couple uk channels so let’s say the to do is give news after eating so nice feed good picture let’s say working as well i’m a little farther away from my rotary here but on my other tv where it’s plugged in directly with ethernet it was actually quite a bit snappier so uh don’t judge us and how fast the app is necessarily now let’s try one more but it’s actually working really good for the uk at least as far as that goes so i’ve been trying the channels and they seem to i’d say more now it’s a hit than ms before it was just a complete miss and a complete mess i would say but usa too there’s some good content there again i’ll just quickly try a few it’s working also try this one working also it seems to be more hits i would say so definitely worth a try.

How to download and Install Using Filelinked Store:

This app is available on my Filelinked store. It is good to use file linked as it available with tons of new stores that updated daily and you don’t need to install each app separately.

  • Use 76705196 with pin 3223
  • After that press next and continue
  • Find Thop TV apk and install


How many Channels are available

Look kind of weird with the app because of obvious reasons for copyright so let’s see premiere working also i haven’t tried all these before so some of these are new to me let’s say bt sport so yeah the live much better so definitely worth giving it a shot it does have some other countries here it doesn’t have all of them but that’s definitely a good variety you got canada philippines france australia portugal you got quite a few there so it’s a nice selection so that’s alive i’d say a big improvement i’d say the movies is more of a negative so let’s say i try one here so it’s going to scrape and give a few sources usually one of these works this is kind of a newer one for it but it doesn’t seem to work for me the dude stream so if i click it it’ll just spin maybe it’ll eventually play but to me if it does play it’s going to buffer because it’s taking so long to load so for me the stream sb was working on this one out of all these so the mix drop before was working really well but now it’s just not working so that’s unfortunate these are really reliable before before the update with the mix drop but now it’s just spinning for me but then problem is i log into older debrid and there’s no sources so app is better for live maybe not better for media so keep that in mind but if you want to try the app the live seems to be working well hopefully it keeps it up so that’s this app this one also had an update so this is a replacement for this is just a good one so definitely check it out this one i’ve covered before but you just go here to recent you go to watch and you just keep going to the right to whatever you want to watch let’s say you want the shows you click there so you want to watch dexter this isn’t the speediest app to navigate or to load the media but it does work and it’s consistent but it just isn’t the snappiest so let’s say you won season seven it gives nice thumbnails though for the media which is nice for the shows so let’s say you want episode five and when when you first go into the app that’s a nice feature too it’ll ask you for the subtitle language so it’ll just be automatic subtitles that’s a nice feature so if you guys are into that definitely works well for the subtitles and it usually takes maybe 10 20 seconds before it loads then you have the s in the bottom which you can choose different sources if one’s not working it’ll automatically choose one but if it takes a long time or if it’s not working then you can just go to the next one so again not the snappiest app but it is worth having on your device i think it’s still a good app for sure and real debate works with this tract works with this as well so it’s a good option for those if you’re into those this app isn’t perfect but i like to play around with apps and this one you’ll use a fire stick like i do you’ll need a mouse toggle and it looks a little bit stretched out so the set orientation app is a nice one to use just this one here now to set this one to automatic full then just click ok then if the app is is stretched for a mobile device.

Strix Media APK Details, Description, and More.

It’ll look a little bit better on an android tv device or an android device where it’s displaying a tv versus a mobile so this one once you’re into the app you just press your play and pause button quickly to activate your mouse toggle and you’ll see my little cursor pop up so you can see the little white one let’s say you click on a new title like this one this isn’t a one-click app but it’s pretty close to it it’s a two-click app so you can actually kind of navigate and move around the page of the app but you just can’t select anything with remote so you always have to activate your most toggle so here again twice quickly so you can add this to your list you can press play and there it has these cdn servers which seem to work well and it says hd so we can just pick one and this is a nice one too for subtitles so it’s already playing now we click this little icon doesn’t do anything if you click there so you have to click the actual actual icon then you can usually choose either indonesia or english not sure why it just says those two but so if you want english we choose that one it’ll load again it takes a few seconds and then if we skip the movie so we can see there’s subtitles and sometimes too if you click this one here quality you can sometimes choose between uh 720 or something else this one is a 800 resolution which is kind of unique but sometimes you can sometimes you can’t but that’s another option there too otherwise it’s very simple but it’s a 1.0 app so don’t expect the world with it but it does have a good selection here doesn’t have a ton of old movies so there’s a lot of good content seems to be just that two clicks where you can choose your source but the cdn ones work quite well so another option so you got categories nice and simple and with the set orientation app it just looks normal here at least so at least you can view it you can have some normal thumbnails to look at so working well of course blurred out for obvious reasons.

Integrate MX Player on Strix media

if you want to get any of these installed these two that i covered this one and this one are on my website and my my file linked but this new one here that i showed you just barely the 1.0 this is only on my file linked so to get these installed i’m just demonstrating on my amazon fire stick 4k i’m just going to press the home button so right from your home screen you just go over to the right to settings and just go down almost all the way to the right you’ll see my fire tv and the second option you just want to enable is developer options and then apps from unknown sources you want to turn that on anytime you are using a mouse toggle here you just turn it on then you just want to enable also adb debugging that you’ll need for the most toggle app so if you’re not going to use most toggle you can just leave it off but if you’re going to use most toggle you can just leave it on then we can press the home button and one to the left we’ll bring it to the amazon app store we’re just going to look for the downloader app this is a free app it’s that one right there so you can download and install that and okay anything that pops up and you can also allow permissions for storage.


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