Smash Repo Down Try LATEST New URL 2018

As all of knows Smash repo is down for many months but whats this a new URL that open the lock of the Gates and lets you to install Smash Repository let the fun begin. Many Many of Kodi Repos that were one working on Kodi Player seamlessly slowy getting down but some come back with same old awesome features. There are lot of other Famous Repos that every Kodi must not ignore such as noobs nerds, Tv addons, super, covenant, and Smash Repo. The Repos posses some of the world best Kodi addons of 2018. Below we will see How to Install Smash Repo which is down some time ago but now live with new repo 2018.

How to Install on Kodi 17.4, 17.6 Using File

There are two method one through source and second to download zip file and directly load it into the install from zip file section. Below you will see the steps to download and install from the Smash repo zip file directly

Dowload Smash Repo Zip(

  1. Go into the Addons Section of Kodi
  2. Click on that open Box
  3. Now Go Ahead and click on Install from Zip File
  4. Load the file from Path on your computer
  5. After the installation of repo
  6. Go to install from repository find SMASH repos and Install addons of your choice.

Install Smash Repo Using Source URL

The popular method to install any addon in kodi is from file manager by adding source url of that specific addon that user want to install on kodi.

  1. Click on setting icon
  2. Hit the File Manager Box
  3. Now from the list, click on add source located at the end of the list
  4. Click on none
  5. Enter the URL
  6. Click on the name box and enter any name you want such as smashrepo
  7. Go back and enter into add on section
  8. Hit the open box at left top hand side
  9. Select install from Zip file
  10. Click on smashrepo or whatever you name it.
  11. Select after the installation complete notification shows
  12. Again go back to addon install section and Select install from repository.
  13. Find, Go to addon repository choose and install the Smash Repo.

Smash Repo Wizard: Maintenance Tools:

The famous Ares Wizard addon give amazing great utilities to maintain kodi system but Smash repo also features some of the best tools to maintain KODI such as Clear Cache, Thumbnails, Logs, addons uninstall, enable/disable addons, backups and much more.

You will find the Smash Repo Wizard within Program addons of Repository.



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