Skynet Latest Version Install on Kodi 17.6

Kody still working brilliantly and sometimes all you need is one quality add-on and this has everything so whether you’ve tried it or not in the past Skynet add-on works brilliantly flawlessly and it’s actually comprised of about three or four different items within one so you only need one thing to do is to installing it on Kodi 17.6.

Forget about builds for today a lot people like builds sometimes a lot people don’t like build sometimes people like hundreds of add-ons sometimes you just need one add-on especially you’ve got a small device it might be a firestick or just a small little Android box, if you’re really struggling with getting anything working.

Skynet working on Kodi 17.6 at the moment, within it you have supremacy maverick TV supremacy the dogs which is a good fork of an old add-on works very well  and then you’ve got Skynet and all the stuff in between

It’s very easy to use, you can just click on things you’ve got at the flix as well is in there. You can select your options can actually open up these add-ons individually if you wanted or you can just come to say something like Skynet new releases and what it will give you is a list of all the different new releases okay so maverick new releases every movie releases  supremacy new releases the dogs new releases you can just pick one.

It also contains a section for  Xbox one compatible movies just pick on your films it doesn’t really matter what you want to put on you click it watch the movie and watch the movie in HD watch the movie in Full HD open load will need pairing, it will find your link automatically.


It got live TV it’s going at 4k Ultra HD it has Skynet IPTV Mavericks TV supremacy TV famously live TV the Dobbs Live TV Fluxus IPTV which is full and world news channels, you’ve got all of these BBC iplayer World News live sports it’s ridiculous there’s so much stuff in it.


In Skynet sports you got maverick Sports maverick life football, streams for supremacy sports proposed Eli Sportster, dogs sports, latest football highlights, latest wrestling Mavericks, football sports mix sports channels, we got these premier league offline so first things first

  • Hit that  cog icon top left flashing blue to you now and then file manager bottom right.
  • Then click where it says add source click on none and then type in exactly
  • Take your time and write it correctly
  • Click OK then that should enter a name for this media source, it Should also populate MAVrepo
  • If you hadn’t ever pop-up it failed to connect anything like that double check your spelling first, you may be being blocked by your ISP Internet service provider so check that and you may need a VPN
  • Now click all the way back to your home screen then add-ons on the left-hand side and then  box icon top left
  • Then we need install from zip file
  • Find your name, click maverepo as we named it and then repository maverick 2.9 zip
  • Click it and it will download top right corner maverick TV repo add-on installed can take 1 to 2 minutes so feel free
  • Then we go to install from repository enter into maverick  TV repo and video add-ons and then scroll through there are lots in here and get SKYNET click on it and then once you’ve got Skynet you click on install


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