Run AceStream On Mac Working Methods

 There are now two most used and easily understandable ways to Install Acestream on Mac OS X first by Using Soda Player and the other one by using plexus for Kodi. Another popular but technical way to install acestream running windows in MAC OS X using a Virtual technique which is very tricky and not suitable for ordinary users.

In this short guide, we will see how to install run acestream on MAC OS X smoothly using the two popular ways. We will see step by step procedure with screenshots, lets get started

Run Acestream on MAC OS X using SODA Player:

Soda played is featured rich media player allows you to utilize many new and unique features other than just running acestream, such as.

  • Play BitTorrent media instantly
  • Integrated fast SOCKS5 proxy
  • Chromecast and Apple TV
  • Automatically fetches matching subtitles in your language
  • Native support for AceStream links
  • Support for all formats and codecs


  • Download Soda Player for MAC OS X
  • Open the dmg file and install
  • Now drag the application to the desktop
  • Launch Soda Player
  • Find AceStream Link
  • Copy the link
  • Click on Open AceStream Link
  • Paste the copied link, it will start download dependencies after a minute it will load the video

Acestream for MAC Using Plexus for Kodi:

Plexus is another option to Run Acestreams on MAC OS but it required Kodi and P2p streams addon. So if you love Kodi than no need to go anywhere else, plexus is program addons that enables Kodi to Play Acestream links. The installation procedure is a little bit lengthy than Soda Player but end up with a complete streaming solution right within your Kodi. This can also fix many different errors associated with torrent files.

First of All, you need to Download the Following Files and Paste them into MAC desktop

  1. AceStream Application: Download
  2. Kodi Krypton 17.6: Download
  3. Plexus Program Addon for Kodi: Download
  4. P2P Sports for Kodi: Download
  5. P2P Streams for Kodi: Download
  • Unzip the file
  • After extracting you will have an application(.app) of Acestream(Do not Open it)
  • Drag that file into Application
  • Now Install Kodi Using .dmg file. Download Kodi From Here
  • After installing Kodi on MAC OS, open it from applications
  • Here Don’t extract rest of two files, you need to install these files on Kodi
  • Open Kodi than click on Add-ons form left side menu
  • Click on Install from the Zip File
  • Navigate the folder or Location where you files are located. First, click and install plexus zip file and than p2p sport.
  • Now Go back to Kodi HomePage and Open P2P sports and select your specific provider to open the links.


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