OpenATV 7.4 for Zgemma [Images]

OpenATV is a third-party, open-source firmware for Linux-based Enigma2 set-top boxes from Zgemma, Vu+, Dreambox, and others. If supported, enthusiasts and users can install it on satellite, cable, or terrestrial digital TV receivers. Zgemma satellite boxes are used for various satellite receptions. Customer reviews and discussions about these products are on Trustpilot, Linuxsat-Support, and Amazon.

On Linuxsat-Support, the Zgemma H7 UHD 4K is noted for its multi-stream DVB-SX capabilities, which were new in the H5 plus models and are present in the H7. According to the review, the H7 model supports blind scanning of satellites and works well on the 5W satellite.

System Information
Info file checksumValid
Distribution version7.4
RevisionDec 2023
Language Multilang
OEM ModelZgemma
Software multibootNo
Flash TypeNormal Standard Image
Skin Resolution1280 x 720
DownloadOpen ATV 7.4 ZIP
Supported boxesZgemma Star 2S, Zgemma H1, Zgemma Star H2, Star S, Zgemma H5 AC, Zgemma H3 AC,
DownloadOpen ATV 7.4 ZIP
Supported boxesZgemma HS, ZgemmaH2S, Zgemma H2H, Zgemma Star LC, Zgemma H5, Zgemma 52s, Zgemma I55, Zgemma 32tc, Zgemma H5 2TC, Zgemma H2S Plus, Zgemma H52s Plus,
DownloadOpen ATV 7.3 ZIP
Supported boxesZgemma H6, Zgemma H4


Customers review the Zgemma H.2S Dual Core Twin Tuner Satellite Receiver on Amazon. This model is liked for its EPG and IPTV support. Customers provide ratings and reviews on the product’s performance and functionality.

It’s important to compare each Zgemma satellite box’s features and read reviews to understand how it performs in real-world situations and what features are most important for your use case.


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