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OpenATV 7.4 for Amiko Viper [Images]

Amiko specializes in the production of set-top boxes and satellite equipment. Amiko Viper satellite boxes are a range of digital satellite receivers. With the help of these devices, users will be able to receive and decode digital satellite television broadcasts. OpenATV for the latest Amiko Viper 4k Models. Additionally, these devices come equipped with a variety of features that can make the viewing experience more enjoyable.

Download OpenATV Update Image for Zgemma

System Information
Info file checksumValid
Distribution version7.4
RevisionNov 2023
Language Multilang
OEM ModelAmiko Viper
Software multibootNo/Yes
Flash TypeNormal Standard Image
Skin Resolution1280 x 720
Amiko ModelImage Download
Viper SLIMDownload
Viper T2/CDownload
Viper ComboDownload
Viper Combo HDDDownload
Viper 4kDownload
Viper 4K/15Download
Viper TWINDownload
Viper 4k V20Download
Viper 4k V30Download
Viper 4k 40Download
Viper SingleDownload


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