How to Install Nemesis Add-on New Repo

One of the best kodi Add ons  in the last six months, is back with one big difference  remembers nemesis became such a popular add-on this year once a lot of other add-ons  its now back,  repo is ready to be installed I’ll show you an install guide in a minute it’s just one big difference to this nemesis.

The difference is that they need a pin okay so it’s pin to access and the pin changes every four hours so, go onto the website folks and go to generate new pin it’s fairly straightforward you click it and it gives you a pin

Nemesis is very popular with lots of  stuff we’ve got sports own movies own TVs own music their own audio books if have a control kids own cartoons own anime adult zone requests own favorites, movies down in the sport zone, top trending movies by genre wonderful movies and 3d movies 1080 movies for real deep ride so top-trending Lots in here at the moment guys all the latest stuff out so check them out. By installing through below guide.

Follow this Guide: How to Get Nemesis Pin


Go to settings icon at the top left

Then you need file manager located at bottom right corner

You need add source and then click on where it says none okay

Type the address

Name it as “s army”

Click OK and then we just need to name underneath there

Name it whatever you like then click OK again ok

right that’s go to you home screen

Click add-ons on the left-hand side

Install from zip file find name “s army”

It repository stream army 5.1 zip

Go to Install from Repository


Stream army repo, video add-ons and

Nemesis add-on

Then you just click install


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