Latest Kodil Repository .zip File Download (Working)

Following the shutdown of the Ares Repo, the new repository come into its place the Kodil Repo. During the shutdown,  1 million users using the Ares Repo faced severe update issues. The user base [thereafter the shutdown], of Repo, mostly switched to Kodil, so they use the new repository instead. Kodil repository had the materials which were continuously updated as of them still being of use to this day. This incident had an effect on the popularity and even encouraged some developers to use the Kodi addon repository. And within a few years, it had earned the No. 1 spot in the list of top resource repositories. It has over 500 additional videos and 80 additional program add-ons. and several other notable software add-ons like music, image, and application-specific ones are included as well.

Kodil Repository .zip

Other third-party repositories like Kodil repo feature various add-ons. With that said, users are able to search for and install a wide variety of add-ons, like news, TV shows, movies, and more. You can enjoy a more stable internet connection by installing the available add-ons, even though you will be able to view games and videos that stream in real-time. Additionally, the extensions in this directory will be listed in the order of their expansion, which means no more miscellaneous fuss when trying to find a favorite addon. There is an impressionable populace out there, especially in the three countries mentioned above, that it serves as a convenient clearinghouse of widely trusted sources of information. read the linked article to find out how to add Kodil’s Repository.

The .zip File of Kodil is located at http://www.lvtvv/repo. (Now shutdown by GitHub)

Install Kodil Repository

  • At the top left of the home page, click on the Settings icon.
  • Selec file manager.
  • By double-clicking, select Add New source.
  • Pop-up is added in the tab of the source file. Choose none.
  • Specify the repository file path. URL type: http://www.lvtvv/repo and click OK. Type new URL.
  • In order to make the identification easier, add a name for the source file and click OK.
  • Return to the homepage and choose Add-ons.
  • Now. Pick an icon in the left-hand top corner of the package installer.
  • Click the Zip File Install button. A dialogue box opens and the name of the source file you entered will be selected.
  • Just wait until at the top right corner a pop-up says the Repo is installed.
  • Go to Repository Install now. Select and install the addon you are searching for.
  • Wait until you get short notice of the installation of the addon.


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