Kodi URL Resolver Updated Download 2024

What is URL Resolver:

In Kodi there are notifications going around such as python programming etc all of there are processing in the background. Most of streaming related add-ons are depended on these background application, these applications are called dependencies in Kodi. The URL resolver is also part dependencies, it decodes and decrypts several different files to play media file or stream in Kodi Player. The main function of this addon is to fetch the streaming file from third-party hosts after passing the certain encryptions. Without URL resolver the streaming application may fetch file but unable to play it. URL resolver is always updated to keep in track with all new development so must always keep check for URL resolver updates. You can also enjoy faster playback as well as new links addition after updating URL resolver.

The setting of URL resolver can be accessed by going to  Setting(Main) Gear Icon> Add-ons > SYSTEM Settings(Expert) > Dependencies > URLResolver > Configure.

Fix Kodi By Updating URL Resolver:

A lot of people are  reporting that they go to their favorite  add-ons and try to watch a movie and  nothing pops up and when we open any addons and pick  movie let’s just say  pick new  releases and  pick a random  movie random stream says enjoy watching  a movie then it goes away nothing  happens  try another one and we’ll  just pick a random link again says enjoy  watching your movie and again nothing  happened and the reason this is  happening is because you have an  outdated URL resolver on your system  well we do a  quick installation show you guys how to  update that and it should fix this  problem

URL resolver is currently on v5.0.12  and the current version that a lot of these add-ons have it’s version 3.0 so.  Go to your settings go to the system settings you wanna go down here and you want to change it from basic to expert. Once you’re at  expert go to add-ons go over you want to  go to manage dependencies  and go all the way to the bottom till  you see the URL resolver click there you  can see the current version is 2.10 a what  you need to do is install a new repo in  order to get this updated without installing new repo it cannot be upgraded.

How to Check the URL Resolver Version:

Sometimes there are some other issues that is causing KODI to brick other that resolver, so first must check if the URL resolver is currently updated to the current version or not, if it is updated then there is some other issue that might be causing problems in Kodi.

  • First of Click on the setting gear icon
  • Go to System Settings
  • Here convert basic mode in to the expert mode
  • Click on Add-ons
  • Select Dependencies
  • From the list find URL resolver and Click on It
  • After that in pop up all the information about Url resolver is shown
  • Keep in mind if you try to update url resolver from the pop up it will not get updated, it goes back again to its old version. Try below method to update URL resolver.


How to Update URL Resolver:

There are lot of repositories that use URL resolver to get all of their addon working. Some of the repositories constantly update all of their dependencies, must try to install most famous of them.

  • Like always in order to install new repo click on the settings icon
  • Go to File Manager
  • Here Select Add source  than click on none to add the address of repo
  • Address: http://fusion.tvaddons.co/
  • Give any good name: Fusion
  • After that go back to the main menu
  • Click on Add-ons
  • Hit that Open box icon
  • Add the zip file, find the name that was given to source file
  • Click on it and wait for installation complete notification
  • After installation complete Again Check the Version of URL resolver.

You can also Update URL resolver by installing latest Covenant Kodi Addon 2018 



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