Build Only Made for Xbox One Duff-X

Finding Kodi Xbox one Addons is hectic but this new  fantastic Kodi build is only made for  Xbox one in every single way, the add-ons are also optimized for  Xbox One Kodi so the build we’re looking at today is the Duff X build this was designed specifically for the Xbox one so every single add-on on here will work now as always I’m going to take you through each section one by one and then I’ll be showing you how to install this build and set it up on your Xbox at home.

Duff X Movie section you can press up and you’ve got a widget at the top with all of the popular movies if want to watch it will then scrape the sources and find something for you and just before, these add-ons are multi scrapers and what that means is it searches the web and finds you as many links as it can now you can press cancel at any time if you press cancel now it will show you the sources it’s already found so it’s always worth waiting til it gets to 100% but if you’re impatient and it’s already found a 1080p source.


In Duff X TV show so again if we press up we’ve got a widget at the top with lots of popular TV shows all you do is select the one you want to watch it will then give you a choice of season choose season as soon as you pick your season it then gives you a choice of episode again we simply press on the one we want to watch it will scrape through the sources and then allow us to play it

You can see lots of 24/7 channels at the top if you scroll down there’s plenty of USA and UK TV there are lots of channels in here USA UK in the sport to choose from also down in the sermon you’ve got this UK channels TNT USA channels and sports channels.

Next section we’ve got here is 4k Ultra HD we also go sections for Music, Kids, TNT preview, Sports and Much more Stuff to play one you xbox one.

How to Download Kodi Xbox One Build:

There are two ways to download Kodi Build for xbox, first by downloading zip file and second by entering the web address of that zip file. Below we will see how to download the build and than Upload it on Kodi 18 for further installation.

First Download the zip file from this address:

  1. Now from left-hand side menu Click on add-ons.
  2. Click on Cog icon located at top left side of kodi
  3. Select install from zip file
  4. Find the file which you downloaded earlier
  5. Select the zip file
  6. Wait until the installation complete notification
  7. After that, it will install the Stream Digital Addon
  8. It will automatically pop up some option just dismiss them.
  9. Hit the Build menu button
  10. Now Click on [18.0]Duff X 
  11. After selecting duff x, choose fresh install option.
  12. It will start to download the build for you.



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