Kodi Buffering Settings FireStick/Windows/Andorid

Kodi is a Diverse Media Player, allows entertainment seekers to enjoy a range of media content, but over the internet every media first loads and fetch data from the server which is called buffering. After fews seconds of Data capturing, media start to play but what if Kodi is buffering too slow and hinders the non-stop enjoyment, well there is a way to fix or modify Kodi setting which causes the slow Kodi buffering issues.

Even though we cannot 100% remove buffering issues in Kodi but we can really decrease it and make your device or experience really amazing you can really speed up your device and have the less buffering possible and we will discuss how you can set  Kodi up properly and have the best streaming experience.

Changing Kodi Buffering setting could be possible within System setting of Kodi but this can be more complex, it is a fair chance that you might break Kodi while doing these changes. To change these settings a dedicated addon could be more useful, XOne Wizard is a complete replacement for Kodi Buffering Settings. It can give access to some hidden menus and settings option which is impossible to find within official Kodi setting. Lets see how to download and install Xone Wizard to Change Kodi buffering Setting. The method is fully compatible with firestick tv as well as windows and android.

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Best Buffering Settings for Kodi

  • Download the x1 wizard onto your kodi 17.6 
  • The first thing you will see is x1 wizard and the version number you want to go down to where it says maintenance
  • Now Scroll down and go towards a system tools and fixes
  • Again scroll down go to where it says quick configuration Advanced Settings.XML open it up
  • Once you open it up this is What you will see:
  • And then once you open it up while you will see on the left-hand side is your video cache size and on the right hand side is your curl timeout curl low speed
  • Only focus on  video cache size right here ok you will see on the left right here says current on my device my specific device it says my current is 500 megabyte and it says recommended 500 megabyte the number on your device will be different but you will definitely have your current and recommended.
  • Use Up Down, Right Left Arrow keys for movement
  • Move cursor all the way there all the way to the top alright to the highest this will allow your device to download the video cache prior to  watching a video so keep in mind that you can use your left and right arrow to decrease and increase.
  • At last Click on Write Button
  • New Setting XML File be created
  • You can remove the previous settings by clicking RemoveCurrentAdvancedSetting.xml
  • Now you can again edit the settings and write a new file.


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