Install GitHub Browser on Kodi 17.6

Today we’re going to be talking about a new way to download add-ons of your choice direct from GitHub where all the developers keep in store their add-ons TV has created a software application that will allow you to go direct to the developers hub and download the add-on of your choice at the moment I think it has limited usefulness but as developers start giving out their GitHub usernames that’s going to increase exponentially

You need indigo addon for this, in Indigo you go into add-on installer and you see a new line item it’s called the GitHub browser let’s go ahead, it’s gonna give you an information


You need github usernames for each of the developers, in this case, e.g if you enter teverz it gonna show all of his add-ons his repository everything’s here you come down you see plug-in video  f4m tester there’s Neptune rising you’ll see there are different versions of Neptune, you’ve got placenta, you can go through his wizard death streams script theme pack everything’s here and you’re gonna be able to come and directly access their github account so that you can download anything that that developer is doing directly from github which is where the developers share all of their files so that they can use it when someone’s doing a build they’re downloading straight out of github whatever it is they want to add to their build they’re not going and putting in a whole bunch of repos that’s why when you download an average build and you go look you don’t see a whole lot of repositories or you see the repositories but when you go to the to the install from zip file you see almost nothing there in some of them it’s because they used github.

How to Install Github Browser or Indigo Addon:

  • For those of you that don’t have Indigo addon or GitHub let me show you how to get it
  • First thing we’re going to do is come up to the gear  icon in the left-hand corner we’re gonna press on it
  • We’re gonna come down to the file manager we’re going to press on it too.
  • We’re going to add source press on none and enter this address “”
  • I named mine .fusion
  • Back up to the homepage this time we press on add-ons then we press on the little white box we come down to install from zip file.
  • We go to .fusion, We “begin here” and we find “plug-in.program.indigo” Click on it and it will install in a minute.
  • Since it was a program add-on we come to program add-ons and you see the Indigo was installed, Open it and if you want to install some great add-ons such as exodus or deathstream you come to add-on Installer and there it is the GitHub browser right at the top so if you know the GitHub name that the individual developer uses you can come straight here and get everything straightened out of his GitHub account.

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