How to Download Salts Remnant 2018 Kodi Repo

Remnant  brand new salts fork and it works very well, I’m gonna show you around it, we can do movies so trending movies popular movies anticipated recently updated loaded earlier are the usual stuff but let’s see what it loads trending movies so big movies in full HD  the movie quality is very good okay nice quick loading and very easy to use.

They’re loaded very quick they’re very smooth even scooping along there wasn’t any holdup or anything like that.

TV shows worked the same just user links at the bottom first settings wise you have a few little bits let’s say this also configure is very important but detract if you use tracked and also config first the TV shows user links at the bottom first so the only real big.

In you Kodi Click on the Settings cog.


Then file manager at the bottom left side.

Add source 

Then click where it says none

Enter the address:

Just type in exactly and then click OK

Then underneath we just need to enter a name for this media click OK again


Once you’re happy, run back to the home screen

Then we want add-ons on the left-hand side

Click on that box icon top left the fourth one down

install from zip file

Find the name of Source you already type in during adding the address

zero-tolerance repository

Wait for Install complete notification

Install from repository

Tolerance repository

Video Add-ons

Remnant ok hit remnant

Hit the install button

Back to your home screen and you will have it you can open it up and there we go.

Note: remember in settings you need also configure remnant and it will work perfectly after that. Just go to Remnant Settings and That Click on Auto Cofigure.After that hit Continue button to complete the configuration.


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