How to Install on Peacock TV Apk Firestick & Android

Amazon and Peacock tv have, we are on a fire tv stick 4k and this is available on all fire tv devices as far as i know right now so easy to get peacock tv, now all you have to do start from the home screen and just go to find and then once you get to find go to search and if you have the old layout still some of the devices still have the old layout you would just simply from the home screen go up to the magnifying glass and then click on the Search and then click on here what we’re going to do is search and we’re going to search for peacock there it is already peacock tv click on that and it brings us to this showing us that Yellowstone is available on peacock but we just go down here to apps and games and there it is peacock tv.

  1. On the Home screen of Firestick TV peacock tv apk 2
  2. Go to the Search Option.
  3. Enter Peacock TV.
  4. Download and Install Peacock TV on Firestick TV.

No more sideloading no more have to jump through hoops to get it on your fire tv device just simply click on it get and it’s going to download just like that’s super easy and just click open and there we go it’s ready to launch so there you go peacock tv now on your fire tv devices as of June 24th, 2021.

Download Peacock APK File


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