How to Install Gloryv App on Firestick & Andorid

How to install the glory v app on your firestick and fire tv and as well how to set it up properly I will also share the APK file Link  as well as the Filelinked code of GloryV APP let’s jump straight to it.

How to Install Gloryv App on Firestick

All you need to do is follow my lead it’s pretty simple and easy.

  • First of all, we need to scroll all the way up to where the home life your video movies are showing and we’re going to scroll all the way until we find settings.
  • After that, we scroll down until we find my fire tv.
  • Use user remotely to click and then we’re gonna scroll down until you find developer options.
  • And make sure the ADB debugging is ON and Unknown sources ON as well.
  • Then we’re gonna install an application called downloader.

If you do not have it on your firestick or fire tv all you need to do is hold the microphone on your remote and say downloader there we go it shows up or you have a different option is by searching it we’re gonna go to the search button and we’re gonna try to type in downloader as soon as you hit d it shows downloader scroll down and clicks downloader there we go and after that, we’re gonna click on it again and make sure you install it just in case you don’t have it on your firestick and fire tv.

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How to Install Filelinked using Downloader App

After you’re installing it this screen will pop up and we have to type in the URL on the screen please make sure you type it exactly the same otherwise not going to work no space in between.

Hit go wait for a few seconds it downloading if you did not type it properly is not going to work there we go we’re going to scroll all the way down we’re going to hit install after all of that done we’re going to scroll down and we’re going to hit open wait for a few seconds and we’re going to hit this miss and as you guys can see right here we need to type in a code.

Filelinked Code for Gloryv application: 67075307 

You could grab your glory v app from there and you could grab whatever you want from there again make sure you hit continue as shown on the screen green color continue to wait for a few seconds a voila this window will pop up all you need to do click dismiss now wait for a few seconds and have another window is going to pop up as well and we’re going to hit dismiss you see the new 2020 glory v app 2.2.1 for one connection as well for two-three five connection for those guys have multi-connection all we need to do we’re going to click on it again to install it as you guys can see at the bottom screen says downloaded finished.

Enter your username and password as seen and the email that the system sends you to make sure you check your email main email box as well as spam and junk box and mark the email as safe so just in case you get any email from the system it goes automatically to your email main box make sure you type in the username and password exactly shown in the email you received from the site remember guys they are case sensitive capital letters capital letter small letter is a small letter give yourself a favor as well make sure you click on here so you’ll be able to see the password for not making any mistakes.

There is another button just in case you have trouble to log in make sure you click on it as well refresh dns as well as remember me make sure it’s checked all the time so you don’t need to enter your username and password every time try to use the service again username and password will be received right after your payment as soon as you pay you will get an email with your username and password kindly read the email the system send you


6 responses to “How to Install Gloryv App on Firestick & Andorid”

  1. Dale CARTER Avatar
    Dale CARTER

    the file Link code#67075307 not working is there another code to download and install.

  2. Darrell Avatar

    Filelinked not working.
    Is any other way for me to get the iptv on firestick without filelinked

  3. Rosalind Alvarado Avatar
    Rosalind Alvarado

    Once I enter the url
    The pop up says “status “
    Under it shows it is Connecting it continues to connecting and nothing else happens .
    I am already a customer for a year, I uninstalled the app in error.

    1. James E. McCowan Jr Avatar
      James E. McCowan Jr

      In order to install Glory V you will need to do it how it was done before there was a Filelinked.
      1. Go to Downloader
      2. Enter in URL-
      and glory will download, this is if your stick is already jail broken if not then you will have to
      My Fire TV and – Developer Options- Install unknown apps and allow

  4. John Gilliam Avatar
    John Gilliam

    Been customer for 6 mths what’s going on here ???? Should auto renew?????

  5. Racheal Avatar

    File linked not working is there a code for app linked

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