How to Fix Pac-Man 99’s Switch Pro Controller Movement Problem

Pac-man 99 on switch is pretty darn great but it has one major issue that might affect you you’re playing with a Nintendo Switch pro controller and it’s not really even pac-man’s fault for the most part and that’s because pac-man 99 relies on the D-pad you can only use a D-pad by default to move pac-man and the issue is that the D-pad on the pro controller freaking sucks it’ll frequently misread your input sending you the wrong way often toward a ghost.

Fix Pac-Man 99’s Switch Pro Controller D-PAD using Game Settings

That is a major problem now apparently some newer pro controllers might have partially resolved the issue but to my understanding its effect it affects most if not all of them to some degree and the d-pad really does suck it’s a major problem with a game like Pac-man 99 but there is a solution there is a fix to this because

  • If you head to the settings screen.
  • There is an option to change the left control stick from not being used to being used for movement.
  • There are a few other options here if you want to play around with it but, the option I found that is best is to change the left stick to move.

We can use that instead of the d-pad it actually works out surprisingly great in Pac-man especially given the alternative being the crappy d-pad on the pro controller now if you’re using any other controller you’re probably fine but if you’re using the pro controller you’re going to want to switch it trust me to the left stick for movement because the d-pad is unworkable in this game in my experience at least again with the with the controller i’m using so there you go a quick fix to your problem i recommend you give it a shot if you’re using the pro controller and hopefully that solves any problems you may be having with that thanks for watching and we’ll catch you next time for more on pacman99 see you guys bye


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