How to Convert m3u m3u8 to enigma2 bouquet Online

Best way to convert M3u list to Enigma2 Bouquet that works online easy and simple. M3u lists are an important source for IPTV Channels but cannot be worked on Enigma 2 in original form. As enigma 2 supports its own form of channels list which is called bouquet. To convert m3u in the supported file, you need to convert it to enigma2 bouquet online or through software. Many of converter software specifically made to convert m3u also m3u8 list to bouquet form. This is how it works to convert the m3u with software or any online web tool after upload it to enigma running box using FTP.

What is Enigma3?

Physical set-top boxes that installed with Linux bases firmware. Enigma2 (GUI) can be installed on these linux based set-top boxes.

What is M3U? Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 

M3u is a list of multimedia sources, each item in the m3u list points towards the specific streaming address on the web.

You Can Also Convert Online Using this site


Download Notepad++

Download Dreamset

Download a easy to use converter in html

How to Convert m3u to Enigma3 Bouquet:

    1. Download you m3u File on desktop
    2. Open m3u file on notepad++
    3. Copy all the content
    4. Paste all content on convertor html text area and hit generate
    5. After that Copy the Generated text
    6. Now download the  from you box (etc>>enigma2)
    7. Open on Notepad or Notepad++
    8. Paste the generated text save it
    9. Now upload the file back to box via FTP or Dreambox
M3U To Enigma2

Address udpxy

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