Fix Elysium Addon Not Functioning [TMDB API KEY]

While running Elysium on Kodi there are several reports of not functioning. User whenever tries to access his favorite category of Stream from the menu of Elysium its simply show nothing. The reason is user need to activate account of Elysium which enable him use the addon flexibly. According to Elysium installation description everyone must get new TMDB Api Key as it become mandatory in future to give API key to continue using the Elysium.

How to Activate Account through API Key and Fix Elysium:

  1. If you don’t have updated version of Elysium than get it updated from the Elysium addon installation guide. As outdated addon can cause other errors.
  2. After installing open the addon.
  3. Go to Tools.
  4. Select Accounts
  5. In Elysium Account setting Click on API KEY
  6. After that enter this key   d35c4b5570bb5eec3e6a6d8e68a5a9aa
  7. Hit Ok button.
  8. Again click on Ok button.
  9. Now try to enter the section which you want it will must be accessible.

What if Error Not Fixed:

As i can told you already it might be because of Old elysium addon. We make the Whole Install Guide for Elysium with screenshots. After updating, again enter the key and check if it is start to function. In case both fail than there is problem with the servers of addon, the addon might be disabled by owner or move to new source url or sometimes kodi himself has a error try to factory reset/ fresh start the kodi.

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