Download XONE WIZARD Kodi Maintenance Addon


We’re gonna be looking at XONE wizard best Replacement for ares Wizard Maintainance tools which is a very very great program wizard for you to use on your kodi if you’re using Kodi do not have any program wizard then you have some problems that you’ll be dealing with which is, for example, turning Kodi on and having a black screen or having it freeze up on you when you’re trying to use it or you do not understand. When you’re trying to click on something you keep getting some check locks error, locks and things like that that is because you do not know how to manually go into Kodi system setting and take care of the maintenance of your Kodi yourself. Think about Kodi like a mini computer so what you want to do is have a program wizard like XONE Wizard an alternative to one’s Popular Ares Wizard

XONE Wizard allows how to thumbnail clearing or  remove cache build up, so you can have Kodi for example in your Xbox one or any other device, this wizard will work on any Kodi 17 and Kodi 18 so you can install this wizard and this wizard will take care of forcing your add-on to update, clean your cache for you taking care of your system maintenance and any other back in work that you do not or may not know how to do manually.


First you want to do in your kodi is to go into your system settings

Go to  file manager and then click on add Source

When you click on that source here  click on none alright once you click on none right here you want to

Enter this link:

Put it in exactly as you see it without any  error do not miss anything if that’s not gonna work once you put it incorrectly

Once you’ve done that you want to come to the bottom here you shouldn’t have any name so click inside you want to tap in this name you can put in any name that you want just to make it easy for you to follow click on OK

Go all the way back to HomePage

Click on add-ons and then you want to click on the top box.

Go on this Install from zip file and then you want to click on.Jesusboxrepo and you want to go all the way down and click on the repository.JesusboxTV  its gonna say install mine

After Installation Complete Notification Enabled click on install from repository you want to click on Jesus box repository

Go to program add-ons, go all the way to the bottom here where it says XONE X1 wizard

Click on x1 wizard and Hit Install button

A notification pop-up telling you keep my trackt keep my real debrid, you can activate those keep my login data source that XML profile the XML keep my Advanced Settings that XML click on that one ok, because you want all the Advanced Settings to be saved, keep my favorite, click on that one alright few super favorite you can activate that.

Another message of XONE wizard about build install from x1 wizard select a build by you know clicking on build menu you do not have to do so you can simply click ignore and as you can choose automatically clearing thumbnails packages look 1.9 1 megabyte removed correctly and if you don’t know how to do those things manually then this is doing it for you automatically so press return go all the way back to your add-ons right here go to program add-ons and here it is right here ‘s the x1 wizard.



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