Download Topdog IPTV APK – What is Topdog Filelinked Code?

Here again with another IPTV review for you today I’m showing you Top Dog and this is going to be $6 months for two connections and as always if you want to try out this service go to IPTV Hut com you can either enter this in here or you can select IPTV services and scroll down until you see their logo here is a short description about the service keep in mind these stats here can change at any time we are not directly affiliated with this service nor do we sell it or control it ourselves so these could change at any time we just put these up here to help the community make an educated decision and as always you can sign up for the service here when you select that it will take you to their official web site where you sign up and of course you can also download Topdog apk.

Topdog for Firestick

If you’re on a fire stick you will need to use the downloader app and then type this into your downloader app and then hit this download button or alternatively they do have a file linked code you can use but let’s go ahead and show you the service again this is top dog IPTV and it’s going to be six dollars a month for two connections I’ve been very impressed with it especially for the price so let’s go ahead and show you first things first I want to walk you through these if you want to record you can do so here just select that and I’ll show you how much storage you have and if you want to record a channel you simply long-press the ok button and you’ll see I start recording feature there’s also a built-in VPN here so you can configure a VPN if you’d like there’s also the messages options there if anything was to be going on with the service they can give you messages here send out a mass message if they’re doing a server updates.

File Linked Code for Topdog is 21701444

Overview of Topdog IPTV

You can go into settings and that’s going to let you adjust the setting of the app they’ve got radio here they actually have radio stations we have a lot of services that have this layout here the radio section, your favorites will land to save a favorite you’ll simply long press a channel and we’ll add to favorites and loaded up the radio, you can also use multi-screen here so simply just push this plus button and then choose a category and channel you want to play and of course you’ll need to have four connections to use all four packages alrighty so let’s jump on into this let’s show you the VOD here so as you can see there are some video on demand I do like that they show these IEW episodes here they even have the dark on there which does not air on TV so this is what the VOD looks like it’s on recently added but there are other categories here let’s go back out of that and look at the TV series here and there also are some TV series as well I just wanted to show you guys this because it’s a frequently asked question do they have VOD and TV shows no they do have a guide but just for purposes of this review to make it shorter and more viewable.

These channels so here you’ve got some live events you’ve got your coronavirus updates your 24/7 USA shows football classics which I believe that soccer then you’ve got all of these here then that leads you to these UK categories here that you’ve got Scottish UK somewhere UK then here we are in the USA so this will be where all of your USA content they even have full HD and then there’s locals then you’ve got all of these different categories here documentary movies you’ve got kids section movies here Foxs max centre a lot of services have started to add these match centres you’ve got ESPN pluses Australian and New Zealand’s all of these categories here and this will be where all of your sports are you’ve got your hockey basketball of course unfortunately we cannot watch sports at the moment but we are all anticipating them coming back so you got your sections here some more hockey baseball sports pack so this is another place where you can catch sporting events and then you’ve got all of these here so there’s a nice amount of categories.

Topdog Sports Overview

I like the motor sports section personally got a wrestling and adult if you do like to party of course  well it’s okay so now let’s go ahead and show you some USA content and this will be what it looks like before you select a channel so I’ll quickly scroll through a few of these here just so you can get an idea of the channel list they have and then I’m gonna select a channel and show you what it looks like with the guide and all that so let’s go ahead and choose a channel now so this will be what the guide looks like and when you scroll down you can see how quickly the guy gloves up there’s really no load time which is another reason why I like this layout the XC IPTV it’s very fast loading even when I scroll fastly you can see that the guy who loves up some of these aren’t gonna have anything on the on the guide that’s just how IPTV is the main thing is you want to see how quickly they fix the guide and this service has been pretty quick to fix in any issue that comes up you can see some of these don’t have guide but like I said they get fixed fairly quickly some of them are also local channels and for some reason a lot of services don’t have a guide on the local channels so now let’s go ahead and switch over here to Full HD so all of these channels will play in Full HD.

Download Topdog APK from here



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