Download and Install Kodi 17.6 on Amazon Firestick 2018

If you have a fire stick or a fire TV and you want to get Kodi install for the very first time then you can follow the steps. If you already have Kodi installed on your fire stick or your fire TV and you’re looking to update to the latest version 17.6.

So assuming that you have already set up your fire stick or fire TV inside of your TV you’ve connected to your Wi-Fi and you’ve also logged into your Amazon account now you can have a free Amazon account or you can have Amazon Prime it doesn’t really matter as long as you have a valid payment method and a valid billing address on your account now everything that we’re going to install here is going to be completely free so you don’t have to worry about getting any charges so let’sgo ahead.

The first step you want to do is access your settings now we’re gonna be on the main home page here you’re going to scroll up to the top all the way until you see settings so you want to scroll over to settings

Now you want to scroll down and in your list you’re looking for device once you find device go ahead and click on it.

So in the list you’re looking for developer options so go ahead and click on developer options so you want to make sure that you have both of these settings turned on when you first connect your device they will be turned off by default so all you have to do click on the first, one adb debugging and it’s going to turn it on scroll down to the second option apps from unknown sources click on it one time you’re going to get this warning message feel free to read through it and if you agree all you have to do is click on turn on all right so both of those settings are now turned on.

Now we will be able to install whatever we need to install so you want to go back to your home screen you can just press the home button on your remote and this time you want to scroll to the far left we want to access the search function so what you want to search for is downloader now once you start typing it in it may populate for you at the bottom here you can click on it.

To access downloader, it should be the very first option in the apps and games list so once you find it go ahead and click on it now when you click on it, you should have the option to download it so you want to make sure that download is highlighted and click on it.

Once it’s complete with the download you have the option to open it and that’s exactly what you want to do click on open.

Enter the address:


Once you’ve verified that you’ve typed it in correctly go ahead and click on go.

All you need to do is scroll down and you’re looking for Android, once you find Android in the list go ahead and click on it.

We’re going to install the latest Kodi Krypton so what you want to do is underneath release you’re looking for the 32-bit once you highlight it go ahead and click on it now at this point you just want to be patient and give it

A moment to actually go through the process of downloading the application now for those of you that are not currently using a VPN if you want to go ahead and get a VPN which is a secure way to strain and browse the Internet

All right so once it’s done with the download portion you should get this screen here all you need to do is scrolldown and click on install give it a moment to actually go through the installation process Once it’s complete it’ll let you know that the app has been installed all you need to do is click on open the very first screen should tell you which version of Kodi you have just installed

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