Configurator for Kodi APK – Install Any Kodi Build Just in Single Click

Searching for the Best and Fastest Kody box is actually not that big of a following these days all you have to do is find the box which meets all of your requirement and yes also your pocket and then install Kodi in it.

Finding the box is not an issue what is the issue is trying to configure Kodi such which build to install which addon, configuration, updating. Everyone knows that Android boxes now have got Google Play Store all you have to do is just search within the Google Play Store Kodi and install Kodi its easy.

Kodi is probably one of the best media players out there but trying to actually use it it’s way too hard so you need an easy way to configure it now a lot of people have actually figured out make and store Builds, build add-ons or do anything but if beginners  want all of these things they do take time for such as searching and configuring, best build suitable for them, best add-ons, source links it is difficult to understand all thing in one night.

Configurator for Kodi.

But you know that there is a solution for us, meet the configurator for Kodi.

An Android app allows single click build install one single click to install any build you want very simple

Open configurator and setup to install any build you want

configurator Includes many popular and best builds which you must want to install on Kodi

Analytic build

Supremacy black build

Atlantis build

One nation build

The underdog 2.0

Infusion build

The nebula build

The Domino’s build

Stargate built

No Limit adult build

The Star Wars build

A titanium build

Tomb Raider build

Configurator for Kodi(Play Store)

Download Apk File

So go ahead install Kodi then install the configurator and then choose single click for one of above builds

Select What type of media is, of course, this will  work for Kodi

Next to install it click Next and just proceed and installer code it would then install with the latest add-on and build and configuration and all of it is set up for you all you have you just go ahead and navigate and use it.

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