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  • OpenATV 7.4 for Amiko Viper [Images]

    OpenATV 7.4 for Amiko Viper [Images]

    Amiko specializes in the production of set-top boxes and satellite equipment. Amiko Viper satellite boxes are a range of digital satellite receivers. With the help of these devices, users will be able to receive and decode digital satellite television broadcasts. OpenATV for the latest Amiko Viper 4k Models. Additionally, these devices come equipped with a…

  • OpenATV 7.4 for Zgemma [Images]

    OpenATV 7.4 for Zgemma [Images]

    OpenATV is a third-party, open-source firmware for Linux-based Enigma2 set-top boxes from Zgemma, Vu+, Dreambox, and others. If supported, enthusiasts and users can install it on satellite, cable, or terrestrial digital TV receivers. Zgemma satellite boxes are used for various satellite receptions. Customer reviews and discussions about these products are on Trustpilot, Linuxsat-Support, and Amazon.…