Best Working Kodi Addons for Xbox One [2019]

Latest best working Kodi addon for Xbox one March 2018:

Lot of people are having trouble with Kodi on the Xbox one in this article I’m going to tell all of you the best add-ons for watching movies TV shows live TV n sport. when it comes to Kodi on the Xbox one unfortunately because it’s an early alpha kodi 18 release there’s a lot of add-ons that aren’t working there’s plenty of videos that I’ve seen online telling you to install this build and all these add-ons work but in actual fact they don’t they are fake tutorials

The add-ons that you can use on Xbox and that do work, I’ll be showing you how to install them.

These add-ons are tested on Xbox one and works smoothly.

Exodus for Xbox One: For GREAT! Movies and TV Shows

When it comes to movies and TV shows I recommend you all use Exodus at the moment now Exodus is a very old add-on that hasn’t been updated for a long time but weirdly enough it does seem to be the best working one on the Xbox.

Exodus 2018 Install or Download in Kodi

Covenant for Xbox One:

This All in One Media Power House always make great headlines but yes it is still working and able to survive within Kodi as well as in Xbox. It has a lot of fans due to its simplicity and good service, you can also set providers loading time and due to advance search option you can get your hands to any movie you liked.

Covenant 2018 Install or Download in Kodi


One of the best Kodi Addons all Around, also works great on Kodi 18 Xbox One, it is fork of covenant and exodus and uses same scrapers and same menu styles. The main interface has movies, tv shows, my movies, channels, tools, kids corner, fitness. You can also change the menu. Placenta one of the best all rounder for Kodi from some time it should be work great on Xbox.

Placenta Kodi Install & Download in Kodi

Skynet All in One Kodi Addon:

A secret Revealed, Skynet one of the handy kodi addon not only work great on xbox one but can also provide functionality and support of other addons which are built in it.

Skynet Kodi Install & Download in Kodi

Made For Xbox One Only build:

If You want Full Featured Premium Kodi Build That is Only Made for Xbox One which has all working Add-ons for Xbox One, than Click Here

Cerebro and Castaway 1 of The Best Live TV and IPTV

When it comes to live TV it’s a little bit harder on the Xbox one and I’ve tried so many add-ons to get you guys the right ones and I’ve come up with these two, cerebro IPTV is great for UK and USA and castaway is great for UK but unfortunately there’s no USA content on there.

So if we start with cerebro IPTV you can see there are lots of categories here but the one you need to focus on is IPTV if we press on this now you’ve got two sections now Mobro i’ve had a lot of problems with this section but there is a lot of things that works like indian sports there’s lots of great sports channels on here but the downside to this is this add-on is having issues at the moment and it doesn’t actually tell you the channel names, when the list pops up you can see all this text at the top is just giving you a message but then further below it just says link 1 link 2 unfortunately there are no channel names here so you simply press on the link it open up the stream and then you can see what channel it is as you can see we’ve got some cricket there I’ve got to cut these ones quickly due to the content but if I click on one more you’ll see this section is actually really reliable great quality streams but unfortunately it doesn’t give you the channel names so if you are looking for a game I recommend coming into this section just pressing links until the channel comes up.

Cerebro 2018 Install and Download in Kodi: Url

Castaway’s pretty much Most of the sections aren’t working I’ve tried them all and had non-stop problems so you need to go into live TV which is the only section that really works on here we get  the filmon section if we go into lots of UK live channels there’s also sport and other playable in there but if we just have a look at the UK channels this section does work very well.

Castaway 2018 Install and Download in Kodi:

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