Best Working Kodi 17.6 Addons List 2018 [Updated]

Working Kodi Addons April 2018:

How Amazing Kodi will be when we have all that defunct add-ons come to rebirth again but its look like it now impossible. All that addons that rule that kodi ones such as Ares, Wizards, Smash  Repo, Covenant, Bennu, Pulse CCM, Colossus Repo are not working today. Yet Kodi thrid party addons makers used different names to introduce new working add-ons in 2018, these add-ons still in some fear stage as their admins are afraid of getting legal notices. We still not know how much time left for new Kodi addons but no matter for how much time they are working, we must get entertained, install them and get what you want from them, in simple words make use of them. Here is the list of 2018 current top working kodi addons.

Best Kodi Working addons february 2018

1. Video Add-ons:

Neptune Rising 2018
GoodFellas 2.0
Trident Kodi Addon
Project M Kodi
Genesis Reborn Kodi
Bob Unleashed
Delayed our Deliverance
Maverick TV
BBC iPlayer
Elysium Kodi
Filmon TV

2. Sports Add-ons:

SportsDevil 2018
WWE on Demand
Football Replays
Match Replays

3. Working Kodi Repos 2018

Noobs and Nerds
Looking Glass

4. Music Add-ons

MP3 Streams

5. Program Addons:

Looking Glass Wizard

Working Video Add-ons:

Good Fellas: A nice addon updated for every version of Kodi, still working pretty well. It has local multimedia and channels especially if you love news. Also has lot of popular content.


Installation Method:

Neptune Rising: Many users have this Kodi addon installed on their Kodi, making it one of the major name in watching movies, hq stuff, and 4k videos. A fork of Covenant addon.

Source url:

Installation Method: Install from Blamo Repository

Project M:

Project M is one of the underrated addons, users can only get it how amazing this addon is after installation on Kodi.


Installation Method: Install from Merlin Repo

Genesis Reborn:

Reborn is a new birth of original addon Genesis, you have movies, tv shows, new releases, popular and much more. After rebirth, it looks more feature-full and has extra tools to search specific content.


Installation Method: Install from Jesus Box Repository

Trident Kodi:

One of the newest addons comes at the end of twenty-seventeen. Mainly consists of Tv shows and latest movie folders. Great addons for watchers and entertainment searchers.


Installation Method: Install from Looking glass Repository

Bob Unleashed:

This addon can be found in every best Kodi addons list for every month. From the last couple of months, Bob unleashed is on the best for Movies, TV shows, and all other categories. We can say it is best All in One addon currently in Kodi.


Installation Method: Install from Noobs and nerds repositrory 2018

Delayed our Deliverance:

Kodi users will find this addon on many best Kodi lists and still it is a best. A long working addon, no fear to remove this addon, coming up always with a tremendous amount of stuff.


Installation Method: Install from deliverance Repo

Maverick TV:

4k Ultra High-quality videos are the main perspective of Maverick Tv. Users who love 4k must add this addon for better quality updates and latest 4k content. No 4k capable device than still this addon covers every aspect of different categories.


Installation Method: Install from Maverick Tv repo 2018


Supremacy member of supremacy repository same as maverick provides ultra 4k and high-quality stuff to user who installed it on Kodi.


Installation Method: Install from Supremacy Repo


Currently, a stable addon, watch favorite previous episodes and latest trending movies, mutimedia in great quality. This addon is compatible with previous kodi version and can be installed on kodi 17.6.


Installation Method: Install from Streamhub repository

BBC iPlayer:

Like its name suggests it is for BBC playing, a long and stable released addon currently working great on Kodi.


Installation Method: Install from noobs and nerds repository


Placenta another new addition to Kodi Player Multimedia category user can enjoy latest entertainment using this great new kodi addon.


Installation Method: Install from Blamo Repo


There are many forks of Covenant and same as them incursion is a newly developed fork of the covenant, fork allowing to copy or add features that were available in Parent addon. This addon can be downloaded and installed using the source of incursion repository.


Installation Method: Install from zip file of incursion.repository

Kodi Sports Add-ons:

Sports Devil:

A devil in the kodi sports world but in real it is currently down due to shut down at smash repo. But it can be found on looking glass or other popular repos.


Installation Method: Install from looking glass repository

WWE on Demand:

Same as devil wwe on demand is one of the most fasinating addon and entertains sports lover currently available at looking glass repo.


Installation Method: Install from looking glass repository

Football Replays:

All in one football addon gives information about upcoming football events and provide small quickies of replays and moments of football matches.


Installation Method: Install from noobs and nerds repository

Match Replays:

Another look a like of football replays. All related to maches watch moments, highlights, replays of your favorite game.


Installation Method: Install from noobs and nerds repository

Latest Working Kodi Repos:

In this section, we will see what are the most popular and currently working kodi repositry of 2018.

Noobs and Nerds Repository:

After the downfall of various popular repos, noobs and nerds flys the flag and become one of the most intalled repositry. If you miss Ares, Smash, Colossus than noobs and nerds is a better solution.

Looking Glass: An alternative of Ares Wizard

The recent breakdown of Smash repo and colossus repo makes looking glass a popular alternative. It has also a wizard which is same as Ares repo, all the famous features of Ares are now packed in looking glass.

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