Best New Kodi 17.6 Build Diggz Xenon

What’s up guys, back with another build many of you are looking for a Build that pretty much has it all, now if you like a jam-packed Build that has a lot of different add-ons with a lot of different sources for content, then you might want to check Diggz Xenon 7.3 it works great in the Nvidia shield TV and  tested this build on the shield and it works perfectly.

It Also tested on fire TV and two other fire sticks the Diggz Xenon works great, now I’m gonna give you guys an overview of what it has to offer. If you like it I can show you how you can get it installed on your device.

The overview of the build

Now once you install Diggz Xenon 7.3 the first section you’re gonna run into is the movies section, It has the widget here at the top, you can scroll through find a movie you like and you can choose it directly from this area. If you click on any movie then you’re gonna have different links that you can choose from now depending on your internet connection and your device you may want to choose standard definition but for faster  choose 1080p. If it’s not available of course you can try any of the other available links it’s gonna tell you it’s working and just give it a moment to actually load the content all right and you’re gonna see it’s going to start to play

Scroll down  to the very bottom here we have the movie portal you have supra box Eliysium movies,  strictly HD, maverick movies myriad and you also have Neptune movies, now if we take a look at the sub menu underneath movies you can search TV shows genres you can search your add-ons you have access to HD 3d and 4k movies you can watch some movie trailers and you can also find out what are all of the movie add-ons included in this build, you can also actually click on the movie section so here all  whatever available add-ons are there for watching movies

Diggz Xenon 7.3 TV show section the layout is going to be the same as it is in the movies section you have your widgets here at the top so let’s take a look at the TV show, click on it here give it a moment to load up and now it’s going to give me some different options,  choose the available video add-on that  want to use to watch The TV show

In TV show section you have TV portal Bob’s amazing TV you have Elysium TV Netflix Amazon TV series myriad TV and you also have Neptune TV shows.

let’s go ahead and move one now we’re going to take a look at the live TV Diggz Xenon 7.3 section. If you scroll through the widget here at the top you can take a look at what’s available here like live news C Cloud TV, you also have Good Fellas free TV

Diggz Xenon 7.3 gives Cloud Tv and Goodfellas these are some great free options for reliable things when it actually works. At the bottom this is where you’re gonna find the Kodi PVR TV Guide prime streams gears lunch pad other you have USA menu, you also have access to mobdro. In the submenu you have live news in The Weather Channel. There lot of other cool all in one section same as above Sports, Music, Stream, Trailer, Favorite, Android, Library, Kids Zones, Cartoons, Music

Follow these super simple steps to Install:

Go ahead and do a fresh start wipe your Kodi back to default and then you can come back and install the build

-Access your settings this is going to be the little gear icon in the middle at the top. Click on it.

-Click on file manager

-Now you want to click on add source, select none and enter this address:

-Make sure you type it in exactly as shown so you don’t run into any network errors or other error messages.

-Give it a name  keep it or keep it .diggz

-Now you want to go back to the Kodi main page you can just press the back button on your remote or controller or keyboard.

-Now you want to scroll down to add-ons go ahead and click on add-ons

-Look for a little box icon in the upper left corner Click on that

-Scroll down and click on install from zip file

-Look for whatever you named your source. Click on it and that select


-Wait for notification say Diggz repo add-on installed

-Scroll up and click on install from repository

-Click on Diggz repo

-Click on program add-ons and than Diggz wizard

-Once you locate it go ahead and click on it now when you click on it for the first time you should have the option to install it and  get another pop-up here it’s give you some information about some settings that you can enable.

-Click on continue now you should have access to the build menu and that’s exactly where you want to go to.

-Scroll down until you see fresh install choose fresh install now.

-The fresh install is going to make sure it actually wipes Kodi back to default like you did when you did a fresh start before installing the build.

-Kodi  ask you do you wish to restore your kodi configuration to default before installing the build go ahead and click on continue.

-At this point, you don’t want to be clicking around you simply want to be patient allow the Build to actually download and then install.



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