Best New Build For Kodi 2018 Upside Down

Best New Kodi Builds 2018: February

The New Kody build this is the trademark upside down build and one of the best builds for February and it’s amazing

The build is the awesome folks very good very cleverly designed very slick works well nice feature background on there it’s updated Weekly and it has all your add-ons and everything you need it straight through the middle ok as you see it’s very simple to use so you’ve got movie portal TV portal. The Movies Portal is stock with movies you kick it up and here they come okay as you see it works slightly different to how other builds work and so you got all your films.

In TV portal you got oculus which is brilliant fork and there was just so much content placenta again and have a fork of Exodus

In featured Section you’ve got little bits in here loads of iterations popular on TV today stuff like that okay Sports Hub which is amazing for all your live sports. All in one so you can get your video add-ons Neptune rising kick off with Victor star tech at the flix.

Install Upside Down on Kodi

  • Let’s install it I’ll show you how to install it quickly on Kodi 17.6 will work on Kodi 17 all the way up to 18
  • Go to that cog icon top left corner flashing blue
  • Then file manager bottom right
  • Click on where it says add sauce
  • Hit that none
  • Add this Address:
  • it’s very important you get this right all lowercase and it has to match, if you make a mistake here it won’t work
  • Name it we’re just going to call it tmbp and then click okay
  • Go Back to Homepage click on add-ons
  • Here select install from zip file find and select the name “tmbp” click repository TMPB
  • wait for that trademark repository add-on to be installed
  • After installation complete Notification  enabled go to install from repository trademark repository >> program Addons
  • Click on “trademark wizard” and click install.
  • A dialog box will come in once it’s come through so you’ve got currently no build install from trademark wizard select “build menu”
  • If you have trademark account just enter login details if not go to that website and sign up for new account
  • While making account just put fake name anything and then put in a random email  you need to verify email
  • Re-enter in Kodi and fill out the details if you’ve lost the page at all just go to program Addons and build installer
  • After Logging in click on upside-down by trademark select wipe and install, if you want to get all the currently installed stuff hit no wipe and install.
  • The build will start to download and after installation complete, you need to restart the kodi to access the build.

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