Finding one of the best IPTV 2018 application for Kodi or Kodi on Xbox one than cerebro Iptv is most suitable add-ons for everyday entertainment needs. With highly premium services and EPG program guide 2018, cerebro prove to be different from other addons in terms of quality especially EPG service.

Either Kodi on fire sticks fire TV or even your computer as long as you can run Kodi you can get access to all this free IP TV service with a working program guide, the EPG has a really nice clean layout so you can see exactly what’s currently playing at the bottom you get to see a quick summary about the program then the bottom row you get to see a picture, we can see pretty much all of the popular channels are supported

Just having an EPG makes the whole IPTV process just so much easier just because you can see exactly what’s currently playing what’s coming up next and what channels are showing what show normally with free IPTV you don’t get any PG but as we can see  guys this is working really well all of the streams are working and the EPG works flawlessly right let me show you how you can now install this onto your Kodi

Install IPTV and EPG:

  • To install this on your Kodi the first thing is to navigating system which This cog
  • Inside system let’s click on file manager
  • Here we want to add a source
  • Click on none Enter this Address exactly:
  • Give that a name and hit  on OK
  • Go to Home back again and  now we want to click on addons
  • Ok let’s click on the Box icon  on the top left than install from zip file find that particular name 
  • After we seen an install complete message let’s go to install from repository
  • Choose a cerebro TV Repo go to video add-ons and let’s install a cerebro IPTV 
  • Click on Cerebro TV and click on install
  • Okay while we’re here let’s also install the f4mtester if you haven’t install this already
  • CEREBRO TV GUIDE(EPG)Now go one step back and select  program add-ons and here we want to install the cerebro TV guide  EPG let’s click on that and click on install let’s give that a second okay we got the message saying the add-on has now been installed

Linking EPG with Streams:

  • In HomePage go to program add-ons we can see we now have the Cerebro TV guide let me show you how it works
  • Let’s open that up
  • When you start that on for the very first time it’ll download all of the EPG content for you but none of these channels will actually be linked to the correct content so you’ll have to do that part yourself so for example if I click on BBC One
  • Pree ENTER on that channel, it can allow us to choose a stream to link to this particular channel
  • So you can either point it to a file if I’ve saved that channel is a favorite or you can use any addon like cerebro tv to link streams
  • Find and select that Channel by press right button and click on Save
  • Now the next time I click on channet that should automatically launch the stream for that particular channel do same for everyone else.


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