Best Kodi Addons 2021

Kodi is a must-have media for live broadcasters and casual observers. Since his advent, he has become extremely popular with cable cutters. To help you enjoy all of Kodi’s entertainment, we have compiled a guide on how to watch movies, sports, tv series, football, anime etc. with the best kodi addons.

These addons will help you cut the cable box and ensure a first-rate entertainment experience with live streaming, online games, sports broadcasts and more.

However, geographical restrictions and copyright infringement can be very annoying and create streaming obstacles. Find out why Kodi VPN is needed for addons?

How to install Kodi Addons?

Before we go to the best Kodi add-ons for movies and how we can install different add-ons, let’s take a look at Kodi’s addons general installation guide .

Start by downloading the repository you need for Kodi-Addons.
Open Kodi and go to Settings by clicking on the gear symbol at the top left.
Go to the file manager and click Add Source .
None, click and copy / paste or type ” Repository URL “.
Click OK , enter a ” Repository Name ” at the bottom, and then click OK again .
Return to the Home screen and click Addons .
Select the box icon or the package symbol at the top left .
Select Install from zip file , find and select the repository name (the name you entered in step 4 ).
Select the zip file to start the installation
Return to the Installation from zip file screen and select Install from Repository
Locate the repository you just installed and access the video addons .
Find and select the Kodi movie extension of your choice (such as Exodus, Genesis Reborn , etc.) and click Install.

Exodus Kodi Addon 6.0 Dethrones Neptune Rises As Kodi’s Most Popular Addition January 2019

Exodus Kodi, which features the latest version 6.0, is at the top of Kodi’s best addon ranking for January according to our survey we conducted this month. Due to the fall of the Blamo repository, Neptune Rising Kodi lost several places until he got a new repository host.

“Best Kodi Addons for 2019”
To find out what is the best Kodi add-on, we’ve collected trends and data from many websites, including Google Trends, Kodi communities, Facebook groups and other communities. The results have been extraordinary and at the same time the most exciting. Covenant add-on came out on top:

Welcome to the additional official substitute for Exodus, was recently introduced by the same owner for several reasons. When TVAddons mysteriously disappeared from Kodi’s world, he slowed down Exodus despite its regular update. The new Covenant promises to meet the expectations of Exodus fans by taking over where Exodus left. For the Convenant extension, you can download one of the following repositories: Download here Acceptant Repository and All Eyez on Me Repo. If you want to know how to install Covenant Addon read our article about Covenant

There is a reason why the Exodus add-on is mentioned at the top of our list of the best Kodi add-ons for movies. Exodus is basically one of the most popular and popular movie add-ons among Kodi users. It contains several categories with HD and SD movies in English. For the Exodus extension, you can download one of the following repositories.

Download here: Exodus Repo or Exodus Repo. If you want to know how to install Covenant Addon read our article about Covenant

It gives you a wide variety of films dubbed in French. For the vStream extension, you can download one of the following repositories. Download here: repository . vstream .

Clone of Exodus with double films in French.For the ExodusFR extension, you can download one of the following repositories. Download here: ExodusFR Repo or or ExodusFR Repo.

Exodus Redux
Exodus Redux Kodi is similar to its predecessor, the popular Exodus. It pulls the links of Lambda Scraper which is supposed to be better than Universal Scraper and others. This means that it will stay longer and law enforcement will have trouble turning it off, which is your Kodi addon.

The new branding repository features an addon Movies & TV series for your longer entertainment hours. These movies and TV shows are separated into new film section, popular section, top rated section, and so on. For the Oculus extension, you can download one of the following repositories.

Download here: Oculus Repository

SpinzFlix comes from Spinz TV Repository which mainly includes movies, TV shows, children’s sections and Urban. It will provide you with both SD and HD links depending on your internet connection. For the SpinzFlix extension, you can download one of the following repositories.

Download here: SpinzFlix Repository

NetStreams Sports Hub
It’s Brettus Repository hosting the NetStreams Sports Hub addon featuring cricket, football, rugby and other sports. It has a separate section to watch American Football (NFL) and American Basketball (NBA) that you can watch live with the NetStreams Sports Hub addon. For the NetStreams Sports Hub extension , you can download one of the following repositories. Download here: Brettus

Offers you a large selection of double content in German. For the Stream Addons extension, you can download one of the following repositories. Download here: Stream Repository

Numbers Kodi
Number Kodi is a simple Kodi addon, specially developed for movies and TV shows. However, there are two other sections on its menu, Boxsets and Networks. The Network section contains categories of broadcast channels such as Netflix, ABC, AMC, Amazon, and so on. The Boxsets option includes a list of movie categories, namely Action, Adventure, Anime, and so on. Finally, you will also find documentaries to watch.

Repository: Cellar Door TV Repo

Boxset King Reborn
Boxset King Reborn has a unique interface, unlike any other addon you’ll see. A king’s crown begins to spin in the background in continuous motion. The content of this best Kodi addon includes the categories Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Mystery and others. You’ll find movies in each category that lets you start streaming instantly.

Repository: Cellar Door TV Repo

Horror Cave
All the horror movies on the planet having been filmed, you will find them on Horror Cave. It is dedicated to people who enjoy watching horror movies, listening to horror music and short ghost stories, as well as serial killer movies. Real Debrid also offers the ability to watch each movie in HD.

Repository: Man Cave Repo

First One TV
First One TV is Kodi’s only best addon offering TV shows by country. From Albania, it covers nearly 61 countries. Once you click on any country, you will find a list of many channels, but you would need a VPN to access its content. First One TV is one of a kind and has no substitute.

Repository: Catoal Repository

Listen Up
Listen Up Kodi is an addon for audio books that allows you to listen to hundreds of books of different categories. Sometimes you get bored by reading all the books, why not just listen to Kodi? The audiobook is a great way to read your child’s bedtime stories and is a fun way to read books. The sound manages to create emotions that make it an interesting reading.

Repository: Grind House Repository

R2D2 Kodi is a movie addon with the same interface as Exodus or Covenant. The difference is that you see all the movies in HD quality. It also contains a section of New Movie Releases that contains in-theater movies that have not yet been released from movie theaters.

Repository: AJ Builds Repo

You can now find and watch movies based on TMDB Kodi movie studios. There are many studios including Columbia TriStar, Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures, etc. It is therefore easier to watch all the content of the film from their respective section and in UHD quality. Now it’s something unique.

Repository: Mr Freeworld Repository

An all-in-one addon (AIO) with movies, TV shows, live TV and sports. In the Movies category, we have Star Wars / Star Trek, superheroes, martial arts, urban / gangster, shorts, etc. Listen to many quality podcasts, watch comedy shows, news and fitness. So, basically, you have everything in one package.

Repository: Diamond Wizard Repo

Magic Dragon
Bollocks dogs have been renamed Magic Dragon Kodi. Maverick TV Repository has developed another Kodi all-in-one add-on, Magic Dragon, when the similar module called Pyramid Kodi has been disabled. It contains movies, TV shows, live TV shows, live sports events, a documentary, a children’s section and a radio. It can be found in both Maverick TV and the Supremacy repository.

Wow Kodi
Wow Kodi is an all-in-one addon that contains everything. It comes from UKodi 1 Repository and is linked to other UKodi add-ons. It features 4K movies, 3D movies and new Netflix and HBO programs. Nothing beats the video content of Wow addon.

Repository: UKodi1 Repo

How many times do you see an Oscar winning film that goes unnoticed? Not anymore. NightCrawler Kodi is an add-on that brings you an Oscar winner movie every year and that you can see in HD quality. Apart from this, this add-on offers other categories of films such as In-Theater, Featured, Trending, etc. It is in Jew Repository. Repository: Jew Repo

Movie Rulz Kodi
Movie Rulz Kodi is specially developed for Bollywood fans around the world. It contains recent Bollywood films that interest billions of fans mainly in India. It has been a long time since Bollywood fans were eager to get their extension that broadcast their favorite content. Now that they have one of Kodi’s best addons, they can not wait for streaming anymore. It is in the Reasons directory. Repository: Reasons Repository

Plex Kodi Add-on
Plex recently announced the launch of a new Kodi add-on that will be available to Kodi users. Plex, an ultimate video streaming experience, will bring proper collaboration with its long-time competitor, Kodi. After downloading the zip file, log in to the Plex server and start streaming movies and TV shows.

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

World of Wrestling
World of Wrestling Kodi is strictly a complement for wrestling fans around the world. This will not only bring you live broadcasts and WWE PPV highlights, but will also show you highlights for major wrestling tournaments around the world. It is in the Loki repository.

Repository: Loki Repo

Just Sports Kodi
The Kodi addon from Just Sports is the simplest of all Kodi Sports add-ons that has only 5 sub-menus but presents all the live sports that are currently taking place around the world. The first menu option, Just Sports Channels Oneclick offers you the best sports TV channels. In the second, that is Just Sports Multilink, you will find all sports channels around the world. This best Kodi addon for the sport is in the Kodil repository.

Repository: Kodil Repo

Venom Replays
Find all the highlights of the sport in the addon Venom Replays that offers highlights for 25 sports from around the world. Some of these sports include wrestling, UFC, tennis, NASCAR, boxing and so much more. With this addon, you never have to worry if you missed a live sports match. It is in the GenTec repository.

Repository: Star-Tec Repository

Sports World
The World Sports Kodi supplement offers more than just live football matches. It’s home to all types of sports, including NFL games. Its interface is designed on the basis of sports categories where football is located at the top. You can view matches from all leagues from this option or select channels featuring your respective football match.

Repository: Kodil Repo

Channel Pear
Channel Pear is an unusual Kodi complement, but nevertheless the most entertaining. When installing this module, you will find that it is completely empty. You can add channels to the addition of Channel Pear through the Channel Pear website. You can select any football channel on its website, then sync the channel to your Kodi. This way you can watch live football and much more.

Elektra Vault
Elektra Vault add-on is specially designed to watch live sports where it has a separate section that only shows live matches. This module is frequently updated with the latest matches. You can also watch the highlights if you missed an important football match with this add-on.

Repository: Supremacy Repo

Live Hub
The Kodi Live Hub module is similar to the StreamHub module, which features hundreds of free sports channels. You can watch UFC, WWE and other sporting events a la carte without spending a dime. UFC and WWE battles will only be released once the fight begins. It is in the LVTVV repository.

Repository: Kodil Repo

Skynet Kodi
Skynet Kodi is more of a Live Sports add-in than a Live IPTV add-on because it displays all of the popular Live Sports channels. In addition, it shows movies for free and the last ones too. It also shows movies available in theaters and brings you the HD cam version. You can explore the variety of its categories once you have installed it from the Kodil repository.

Repository: Kodil Repo

Oblivion Streams
Oblivion Streams Kodi is a hub for Live TV Channels that happen to stream channels from around the world in many different languages. It has a special section that includes Karaoke and Fitness. In the Karaoke section you can watch the world participating in the event, while the fitness section feature videos related to your health and exercise. It is found in Oblivion Builds Repo.

Repository: Oblivion Repo

Incursion Kodi now works exceptionally well with Xbox One, which offers the latest movies and TV series. It has an interface similar to that of Exodus or Covenant, but allows you to watch multimedia content in high quality. It has a separate section for new movies and new episodes where you can get to know newcomers in multimedia content. It belongs to the Incursion repository

Repository: Repo Incursion

Aptoide Kodi
Aptoide Kodi is an application store available for Kodi. It was previously only available for FireStick and contains tons of games and apps that you can download to your Kodi device. Some apps that are blocked in the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store may now be accessible through Aptoide App Store. It is in FireStick plus Repository.

Repository: Sandman Media Repo

Kid’s Movies
It is too obvious for children and their parents to search for a supplement containing all the entertaining movies for children. Kids Movies Kodi offers a list of old and new Disney movies, Barbie movies and more. In addition, you can search the movie by genre or by name. It is in the Zadar repository.

Repository: Zadar HR Repo

Ontario Kids TV
Ontario TV Kodi Kids comes with an official repository for Kodi add-ons that offers more than just the category of cartoons for kids. The extension brought together children’s TV shows, informative programs, cartoons, cartoons and more. In general, there are two categories: children aged 2 to 5 and children under 11 if they are older.

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

Jew Music Choice
All hardcore music fans should install this module as it contains a vast collection of songs from the golden age of the 70s to today’s success. Jew Music Choice Kodi also has a List of hits section that shows you which songs have become hit each year. It is found in Jew Repo.

Repository: Jew Repo


Youtube: With over a billion subscribers (almost a third of the world’s population), YouTube does not need to be featured. Fortunately, Kodi fans can watch hours of favorite TV shows, movies and more media on Kodi with the YouTube addon. According to the latest statistics, YouTube views more than 1,000,000,000 videos a day on its mobile. It can be found on

Repository: Kodi Add-on Repository

Anime Dubbed
Anime Dubbed is a simple Kodi addon that includes all types of genre Anime. When you open this module, you will only find three main options, namely search, genre and the latest episodes. The list becomes huge when you select the Genre option, then you’ll find many different categories, including Comedy, Drama, Action, Fantasy, History, Horror, and so on. To watch Anime online read this article .

Repository: Reasons Repository

Anime Incursion
When the Kodi community had the shortage of Anime plug-ins, Incursion Repository created an extraordinary addon called Anime Incursion Kodi. Anime fans will find all the recently released movies and television series, including the special category that features special videos. It is found in the Incursion repository.

Repository: Repo Incursion

Yoda is another addon that uses the same code as Exodus and Genesis Reborn. However, we like the fact that you can find here unique categories that distinguish Yoda. This is one of the latest 2019 Kodi addons that is also very trendy right now.


Tubi TV
Perhaps you have heard of a streaming media platform called Tubi TV, which is free. Although very popular, it is not available worldwide. However, we now have the best thing to do, it’s an unofficial Tubi TV addon for Kodi.

Fox Sports GO
Fox Sports GO does not need to be introduced. It’s one of the best sports streaming services in the world, bringing together just about every professional league. New content is added daily and you can find live or on-demand content. Fox Sports GO is present on all major and popular platforms. It is therefore not surprising to see that there is also an official Kodi module.

Atom Reborn
We want to make sure that all the addons listed in this article work fully, so we will list the most recent additions first. This is where Atom Reborn comes in. Even if it’s still fresh, this addon has proven itself.

As you can see, Atom Reborn is an all-in-one addon. This means you can watch movies, TV shows, cartoons and listen to music. However, you will also find live TV channels from around the world, comedy specials and documentaries. It seems like it could be the perfect addon, considering the amount of content it brings.

DeathStar is not like your usual entertainment addons that you encounter frequently. It is an addon with a delicious touch. DeathStar is a mix of over 35 different Kodi addons. You install an addon and you have access to a complete library of addons for all your streaming needs. Whether you like watching on-demand content or watching live TV, sports content or movies and children’s shows, DeathStar has it all.

kodi addons

Crackle is a streaming service that offers a diverse selection of movies and TV shows. It’s free and offers more well-known titles, like Underworld 2003. Crackle Region-locks their content, so to watch, you’ll need to connect your VPN to an American server. Download here: Cracke Repository

FilmRise is a distributor of TV shows and independent films. They have two additions: FilmRise, which contains six of their TV shows, and FilmRise – YouTube, which also includes their free to watch movies. Download here: FilmRise Repository

BigStar Movies & TV
BigStar Movies has a collection of award-winning independent and foreign movies, and the BigStar Movies & TV addon lets you watch them directly via Kodi. This service is totally legal to use and unlike the BigStar online service, you do not need to keep a credit card on file. This is only used for the purchase of specific movies. Since this can not be done via the addon, payment is not necessary. Download here: BigStar Movies & TV Repository

TubiTV is one of the largest streaming video-on-demand websites. The service has a library of over 50,000 titles, ranging from movies to TV shows. In addition, there is no charge for using TubiTV. It offers the service as a free and advertising-funded option.

Download here: TubiTV Repository

kodi addons

Velocity was an addon that offered Kodi users a selection of copyrighted movies. This was one of the addons that was removed from TV Addons’ Fusion repo after their legal issues and is no longer supported or maintained. Download here: Velocity Repository

Dr. Stream
The Dr. Stream Kodi addon contained 4K movies and TV shows, but has since been abandoned and can no longer be installed. Download here: Dr. Stream Repository

Black Hat
The Black Hat addon used to offer a large library of TV shows and movies, but it is offline in recent months. We reached out to the developer behind the repo Maverick, who confirmed that The Black Hat will not come back. Download here: Black Hat Repository

For a long time, Icefilms was a popular addon among Kodi users looking for unlicensed content. After TV Addons was hit with a lawsuit, however, they removed all their infringing addons, including Icefilms. Icefilms can still be found in other repositories, but none of these versions work either. Download here: Icefilms Repository

kodi addons

123Movies is very similar to the addon of Yes Movies Kodi. They both provide unrestricted access to copyright-protected content, both take a long time to show the titles on offer, and both connect primarily to 720p streams. There are official addons for movies that offer a better experience, so we do not recommend movies at all. Download here: 123Movies Repository

Duckpool is the new name of the iStream addon. This recovers links from multiple streaming sites and collects them in one place for easier access. Duckpool tells his users that he is not doing anything illegal, but he only pulls links from unofficial sources. Without the ability to add official sources, Duckpool is not suitable for most Kodi users. However, it does not matter anymore because Duckpool is now offline. Download here: Duckpool Repository

Quantum (formerly Supremacy) is another Kodi addon all-in-one. It has a large library of movies, TV shows and live television broadcasts, but there are very few official licenses. This addon also contains other third party addons, so it is obvious that legitimacy is not the main concern of the developer. Download here: Quantum Repository

Streamhub is a Kodi all-in-one addon. It is quite similar to the other third-party options mentioned above, but Streamhub offers additional feeds to paying subscribers. Since the service is not official, it’s a dangerous proposition: you do not know what the creators will do with the details of your credit card.

Download here: Streamhub Repository

kodi addons

Stream All The Sources, or Salts, is a very good alternative to Genesis. This extension gathers contents of different Internet sites and even allows to access videos in HD. To use Salts you will need to create an account (free) on Download here: Salts Repository

Phoenix is ​​a popular extension that provides access to a regularly updated catalog of videos. The contents are organized by categories and you can simply navigate between them. Download here: Phoenix Repository

PlayOn allows you to integrate Netflix with your Kodi. This extension has the advantage of allowing the recording, in MP4 format, of all Netflix content. You can watch them on any screen or even on the move. Download here: PlayOn Repository

Neptune Rising
Neptune Rising is another Exodus and Covenant fork for XBox users that comes from Blamo Repository. It is a video module that displays movies and TV shows on demand in HD quality. In addition, the reason he makes a better Kodi add-on is due to his many links and sources for a movie you’ll never find for Covenant and Exodus.

kodi addons

Another clone of Genesis with double films in French. For the Genesis extension, you can download one of the following repositories. Download here: Jesus Box

Kodi Reddit Addon
Reddit is where you will find all the geeks online. You can find discussions related to almost any software, different APIs, web content, videos and more. Being a Kodi add-on and staying away from Reddit is a difficult thing if you are a video geek. We are always ready to try new additions and the exploration starts from there. Download Kodi Reddit Add-on Zip file

SportsDevil is the add-on live broadcast for sports fans. SportsDevil covers a wide variety of sports streaming channels for tennis, football, ice hockey, racing, cycling and more.

SportsDevil is a favorite among football fans for the long list of streaming channels available for watching live events, highlights, before and after match games and catching up on TV. Sports Devil offers 12 beINSports channels for English Premier League fans to enjoy all the live games. Among its extensive list of channels SportsDevil offers:

Download here: Sports Devil Repo

Fox Sports
BT Sports
ESPN 1 & 2
bein Sports
If you are curious and want to know your viewing habits, download Trakt. This app saves your media consumption, lets you share this information with your friends and helps you discover new programs. Download here: Trakt Repositoory

kodi addons

Football Repeat
Repeat Football Kodi addon is a Kodi Sports add-on in one click for football fans. Users can broadcast all matches live from the Champions League, Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, France League etc. Users can also broadcast international football competitions such as the World Cup etc. Download here: Football Repeat Repo

In this addon you can find many movies by the search engine. For the Navi-XL extension, you can download one of the following repositories. Download here: Fusion

BBC iPlayer
BBC iPlayer or iPlayer WWW is another powerful add-on (official Kodi module) to stream your favorite British or non-British shows and movies. You might find the library a bit limited, but whatever the content, you can enjoy it in high quality. For the BBC iPlayer extension , you can download one of the following repositories. Download here: Super Repo

Eurosport Player
Eurosport Player Kodi addon is an ideal complement to football streaming events around the world. The best thing about this module is that it also has content available on demand. However, users must register to access this module. This add-on can be used on PC, Mac, Fire Stick, Android . Download here: Eurosport Player Repo

kodi addons

The best thing about the Poseidon extension is that you will always find its multimedia library up to date. The add-on has a user interface similar to that of the Exodus add-on. All in all, it’s a great addition you can watch for watching movies and TV shows. For the Poseidon extension , you can download one of the following repositories. Download here: Poseidon Repo.

DAZN; pronounced Da Zone, is a premium sports addon that is considered to be exactly like the Netflix category for sports. It has a $ 20 subscription fee and we bet you will not regret spending for this module. Download here: Dazn Repo

Stealth is a new Kodi addon that can be found in the Merlin repository and includes sections for movies, TV shows, IPTV channels and documentaries. If you just want to laugh, there is also a stand-up comedy section available. For the Stealth extension , you can download one of the following repositories. Download here: Merlin Repo

FTFA is a convenient add-on for all users who wish to broadcast PPV events. Users can use real-world URL and link resolvers with this addon to enhance their experience.

Download here: FTFA repo

kodi addons

Nemesis is the most recent induction in the world of Kodi, but its features have the nickname of surprising users of Kodi. It offers a 4k video resolution that is better than 1080p resolution. You can watch movies and TV shows in 4K resolution with Nemesis Kodi add-on. Download here: Nemesis Repo

The Music Source
This add-on Kodi definitely amazes its users with something unique to offer other than music. In addition to an extensive music library, The Music Source also offers live streaming of IPTV radio and music channels to entertain users a little further.

Download here: The Music Source Repo

The rebirth is a fork of the most popular Kodi addon, Exodus; which was popular because of the 3D and 4K streams that it provided. However, since its updates stopped, users were not able to rely on another addon for 3D feeds. Download here: Rebirth Repo

UFC Finest / Planet MMA
UFC Finest / Planet MMA is probably the best choice from the list to see UFC events on Kodi. In addition to live events such as UFC fights, it also displays documentaries, TV shows and past UFC events. This Kodi addon is specially designed for PPV PDUs.

Download here: UFC Finest / Planet MMA Repo

kodi addons

Castaway Kodi was previously listed in Fusion Repository, but now she can be found in Kodil Repo. Download here: Castaway Repo

Super Cartoons
The Super Cartoons Kodi extension was available on Fusion Repository, but is now available on Dandy Media. Download here: Super Caroons Repo

Fantastic is a new video addon of Kodi from Firestickplusman. It is a fork of exodus / alliance with good links. For the Fantastic extension , you can download one of the following repositories. Download here: Firestickplusman

Picasso is another all-in-one addon that has literally included movies, TV shows, documentaries and sports. It also has an extensive music library and many live IPTV channels to watch your favorite TV show. For the Picasso extension , you can download one of the following repositories. Download here: Goliath

kodi addons

cCloud TV
The cCloud TV add-on is another substitute that you can try if you do not want to use the Netflix Kodi addon. The cCloud TV addon allows you to watch your TV shows and movies on your own terms.

Download here: cCloud TV Addon repo

The addition of physics is to offer motivational videos and training programs. Therefore, it is an excellent addon for fans of UFC. It can be found on Dandy Media and Kodil Repo.

Download here: Physicality Repo

Streamz TV
Streamz TV comes from the Brettus repository which is the best platform to watch US IPTV channels. However, it requires the use of Kodi VPN to unlock the geographical restrictions. It broadcasts channels such as AMC, Animal Planet, VH1, BeIN Sports, CBS Reality, and more.

Download here: Streamz Tv Repo

SportsAccess is a premium Kodi addon that offers sports from different parts of the world. By subscribing to the service, you can access your favorite games from the NBA, NHL, soccer, and more. The addon brings content from many channels such as SkySports. As a payment method, SportsAccess only accepts Bitcoin. Download here: SportsAccess Repo

kodi addons

Wrestling on Demand
Now, if you’re a wrestling fan and want to catch all the WWE action, then WWE on Demand is the perfect Kodi addon for you. With popular pay-per-views such as Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, the addon offers thrilling action from World Wrestling Entertainment. Download here: Wrestling on Demand Repo

We Watch Wrestling
Talk about watching combat sports on Kodi and the missing fight, it’s not acceptable. Kodil did what he did best and offered a Kodi wrestling add-on for all wrestling lovers. Post your favorite wrestling shows, events and more with this add-on. Download here: We Watch Wrestling Repo

The Resistance
The Resistance is the new addition and an exact replica of Alliance and Exodus. It has all the same categories that are available in these popular Kodi add-ons. These include movies and TV shows. Download here: The Repo Resistance

Pro Sport Kodi Addon
The Pro Sport Kodi extension can only be installed through the Simply Caz repository following the termination of Fusion Repository. Download here: Pro Sport Kodi Repo

kodi addons

MP3 Streams
MP3 Streams has already been found in Metal Kettle Repository, but as this Repository is having some problems, you can get this Kodi Super Repo module. Download here: MP3 Streams Repo

Diamond Cinema
Diamond Wizard repository brings to Kodi users an elegant yet full-featured Kodi addon that includes sections such as movie, horror, music, urban, and more. These are the sections for movies and feeds are taken from YouTube. It is also available in the Repo World Legion TV. Download Diamond Cinema Repository here

BeatZ is an amazing music Add-on for Kodi which is a must for all Fire TV users. The music content is just staggering as it’s music from a vast number of websites. The UI is very safe and the media is always updated. Download it from this repo –

Motion Shows
Motion Shows is probably the best Kodi addon for movies and TV shows that are trendy. This feature tells you that you can watch the latest multimedia content with the best quality available. True, it will not bring you HD quality for movies that are still available in cinemas, but as soon as it comes out you will find the movie in HD. Found in Pure Repository, located inside Blamo. Download here: Shows Motion Repository

kodi addons

Selfless Lite
Selfless Lite Kodi addon has a simple but effective interface. When you open this addon, you’ll find three options, namely movies, TV shows, and live TV. Once you click on one of these options, you will be presented with a series of subcategories. Choose these categories and watch your favorite content. Download here: Selfless Lite Repository

TV King
TV King is a complete Movie Kodi supplement that offers all kinds of genres for movies and TV shows. It also shows movies that are recently available in movie theaters, but will show as HD cams. In addition, tons of Netflix, HBO and Hulu TV series are also added, which can be seen in HD quality. Download here: TV King Repository

Phoenix Reborn IPTV
You would not want to confuse the old Phoenix Kodi addon with the Phoenix Phoenix IPTV. The developer of this add-on made a big effort to make it exactly like Phoenix because it has Live TV and Live Sports. However, it is a Croatian add-on whose language is Croatian, but it is easy to understand the sections. Download here: Phoenix Reborn IPTV

Nevena Cinema
Nevena Cinema is the best Kodi addon of Tojelako repository that has it all. It shows free movies, TV shows, Kids Boxset, Live Sports and Live TV. It helps you find movies by the names of actors and actresses. There is another section that bears the name 24/7 where you will find many niche movies such as action, horror, animation, and the list goes on. Download Nevena Cinema Repository here

kodi addons

Redemption came back with a better interface and with many categories for movies. You can find movies in alphabetical order, new versions, 4K and 3D movies. He is currently fighting law enforcement in the courts and is also asking for your donation inside the add-on. Download Redemption Repository

Crazy Addon
Crazy Addon has 3 most important sections that form a massive entertainment package, ie movies, TV shows, and children’s section. FireStick users can find this add-on overwhelming because of its latest high quality multimedia content available. Download here: Crazy Addons Repository

Digi Box
A Digi Box Kodi add-on is preferably one of the best Kodi add-ons for Android with all the new movies, TV series and documentaries on the horizon. It is fast to load the media and does not allow Kodi to increase the game, thus preventing buffering. Download here: Digi Box Repository

Wraith is a program addon that retrieves information from the TMDB website for all descriptions and video notes. The important aspect of this addon is that it will broadcast any movie or TV show from other Kodi addon on your Kodi. Download here: Wraith Repository

kodi addons

Skydarks recently emerged as the new Kodi repository that launched an all-in-one addon called Chronos. It has sections that include movies, live sports, concerts and radio. It also brings you live TV channels for countries such as Germany and Austria. It also has adult content, but for that it requires a password. Download here: Chronos Repository

IPTV Bonanza
IPTV Bonanza is a live TV extension that is flourishing with many IPTV channels belonging to the UK, US, France, Spain, Poland, Albania, German and Arabic. You never have to pay the cable bills when you are an excellent IPTV addon that brings you all live sports events and news broadcast directly on Kodi. Download here: IPTV Bonanza Repository

Blamo Repository recently released a spectacular Kodi add-on under the name of Uranus Kodi. What makes this addon so special is its Trakt account option. Anyone with a premium Trakt account can continue to stream in HD video quality and without any Kodi buffers. Download here: Uranus Repository

Exodus ITA
Exodus-ITA-kodi-addonExodus ITA is not the original extension of Exodus Kodi, but is an exact range. Similar to Exodus, it shows the latest movies and TV shows. The only thing that differentiates the two add-ons is the language. The default language for Exodus ITA is Italian. You can change the default settings by right-clicking Exodus ITA addon> Click Settings> General tab, change the language to English. Download here: Exodus ITA Repository

kodi addons

Mad House Classics
Mad House Classics Kodi add-on is for fans who enjoy watching classic movies and TV shows from the ’50s to the’ 90s. Sometimes it’s better to say goodbye to new CGI movies and stories and get off the floor. along the path of classic movies and enjoy the time that our ancestors spent in the day. Download here: Mad House Classics Repository

Focus Kodi has been added to Kodi’s list of top additions as it regularly updates the media library with new movies and TV series. It’s also a Covenant and Exodus fork that brings it to the table of a competitive Kodi category. Download here: Focus Repository

Golden Age
As its name suggests, the golden age is all about bringing you classic movies based on abundant categories. These categories include Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Horror, and much more. It brings you movies from the early 1900s in good video quality. Download here: Golden Age Repository

Joker Sports
Joker Sports Kodi allows you to watch live sports live and highlights on your devices. This addon covers all kinds of sports that are played live all over the world. If this sport is available in the best sports channels, you can also see it. Some of the best sports channels, for example BT Sports and Sky Sports, have their own main menu in which you can find sub-channels in the category. Download here: Joker Sports Repository

The Veilside Kodi addon comes from ComicSaints Repository, from a handful of deposit that has stayed with Kodi for many years. Veilside broadcasts every multimedia content, but its sports section is particularly entertaining. Watch live sports from channels such as BT Sports, Sky Sports, Euro Sports, NBCS, and many more.

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