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Check your favorite IPTV channels links within the m3u playlist with these best Android IPTV checkers and testers. The problem arose in free m3u IPTV playlists, a newly made m3u list containing several hundred channels of different categories, from most of the global countries, the playlist will work and show all the channels added by list creator but within a few days or hours, the IPTV addresses in the lists will start to expire. To check each channel user need to open each link and test if it is working properly or showing an error. To ease the procedure developers made applications called IPTV testers these apps will check each Iptv and make a report which is working or which channel is showing error. This will really ease up the user from testing each IPTV separately.

Best IPTV Tester Apps 2021

On the play store, many applications for IPTV stream testing is already available but many of them might not work great for you, we made a list of the Best IPTV playlist testing tools to check each and every channel for a smoother and relaxing TV watching experience.

  • IPTV Tester for URL Lists, M3U, XSPF and WPL
  • IPTV Tools – Streaming Url Player – IPTV Tester
  • IPTV playlist checker

IPTV Tester for URL Lists, M3U, XSPF and WPL

A popular service to check IPTV lists and get the status of online or offline, the IPTV tester can convert list into other formats such as m3u8, m3u, XSPF, and WPL. You can save the IPTV channel which is online and can watch any other time without testing again. The best IPTV check on Playstore adds it to your device and gets alerts for online, false, and offline status, this app has several sections such as categories and error alerts.

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IPTV Tools – Streaming Url Player – IPTV Tester

Testing IPTV and playing them at the same time is an extra benefit you will get after installing IPTV Tools. Save the working IPTV URLs in the application and play them whenever you want.  Play m3u list seamlessly with IPTV Tools, the player comes with a floating video option which is very helpful for multiscreen viewing as well as multitasking. Watch your amazing shows and local tv channels with the extra support of IPTV testing. Install the application find the list of files in your local storage area and watch live streaming of your shows. The IPTV tools have the option to browse each channel IPTV and save it. The testing feature is added to ensure the status of the IPTV you want to watch is online or offline.

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IPTV playlist checker

The experience of watching IPTV is different than other streaming options available in the market. The subscription-based IPTV is far more entertaining, cheap with a huge selection of every category channel. The IPTV applications are available on the play store as well as on the internet, the IPTV is now even supported on multiple platforms other than android check out our List of Best IPTV for MAC 2021. The IPTV testing app is used for checking the live status of each URL in the m3u list. If you don’t get the playlist from paid service and use a free m3u list, chances of getting a false URL are common. The IPTV playlist checker app helps you in getting the status of IPTV playlists, editing, organizing, and adding new m3u playlists.

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Some Last Words

Day by day internet users are moving to new streaming technologies, the IPTV is one of them despite the regular shutdown of many streaming channels IPTV still remains in the competition. Yes, IPTV has some flaws but the above IPTV testing surely will helps you in fixing them.


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