Best FIX for Slow Kodi 17.6 Buffering Issues

Let’s get rid of Kodi Krypton buffering there is a big fix, a bit more in depth, here we show you a couple of quick things and then we get inside the screen. This will work on any version Kodi 17.6, 17.5, 17.4 or lesser.

Roll Back to Default Kodi Skin:

To Ease the procedure for all of you, must reset the Kodi Default Skin.

Go to your build’s system and in system you’ll probably have system setting, systems interface skin settings etc. And change the skin to Estuary which is default Kodi Skin.

And afterwards you can get back to you bulid skin just by going again to interface settings.

Fix Buffering Through Addon 17.6 Kodi:

We’re gonna build the cache size, calculating how much free memory you have and calculate  cache on your device but it would be different for every single person. For before this you need to install an addon.

On your Kodi 17.6 go to setting icon top left corner flashing

Than file manager bottom right

Go to add source

Then click where it says none

Enter and give it a Name e.g Kdil

It a Kodi Repo with lot of amazing addons and tools.

Now go back on Kodi home and enter in to Addons, click on Open Box at top let corner. Go and Click on Install from Zip file than Kdil and than on

Go back one step and click on Install from Repository, Kodil Repository

Programs addons, Scroll down to E and Click on Easy Advanced Settings: Click it and install it.

Getting Figure of Free Memory :

Now from Kodi default settings you need to fetch the free memory number.

Easy Advanced Settings: Calculator Required

Now Open Easy Advanced Settings you first installed, Go to Edit Settings > Network Settings> Network > buffermode > change the value to 2

Now Change the value of ReadBufferfactor to 4. Just remove Disable and enter 4.

Now Change the value in cachemembuffer for this you need little bit of  calculation for e.g my free memory is 590 so after calculation i get 185597952 which a very high number in million.

Free memory x 0.30 =
Answer x 1024 =
Answer x 1024 = Final
Add the Final Number Value on cachemembuffer

It’s important to go back at home of easy advanced setting and then we must hit this Write XML file you must write to XML so click it easy Advanced Settings file created you can view the settings underneath and so you can a view it and if you feel you’ve made a mistake you can remove also.


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