Best 2-in-1 Kodi Build 2018

Today I’m going to be showing you the best build of 2018 and this is actually two builds in one you can stay up to date with all the latest builds add-ons and applications. The builds showing you today are by CDTV  builds and it’s actually two builds built into one, there’s the Dominus build and there’s also the infusion build. You can easily switch between the two builds at any point using kodi but both builds have the same add-ons and they all have everything you need

First of all Movies as you got a widget at the top with the latest movies we’ve also got add-on shortcuts for flicks net, Stream, Bob covenant super box. Menu for high-definition movies box sets 4k movies 3d and search engine. The next one is TV shows so again a widget at the top with popular TV shows we’ve also got add-on shortcuts,  wolfpack, bob Unleashed shows from Bob Elysium stream hub and Poseidon as well as you’ve got submenu for animation shows documentaries metallic stand-up comedy and your new TV shows. In music, we’ve got some popular music on the widget at the top and we’ve also got Spotify SoundCloud mp3 streams The jukebox in YouTube music. As well as we’ve got more options in the submenu if we go into tools you can see some useful tools at the top like an apk installer and a speed tester as well as some maintenance tools to keep your Kodi quickly also in the shortcuts we’ve got I view chrome pair open load pair real debride pair the video dot me to sideload launcher and ES File Explorer and as well as down in the sub menu can access the wizard music add-ons video add-ons program add-ons or adult add-ons. The next section is system with a weather widget at the top and some youthful apks here such as terrarium, please note that you will need those apks installed in order to use the shortcuts here we’ve also got

How to Install Cellar Door TV Wizard:

The first thing we need to do is add the Source in the file manager and we can do that by going to the system which is the cog at the top in the middle.

In system go down to file manager in the bottom right-hand corner.

Choose to add source from the left-hand side menu and in here we need to input the path which is:

Must give a good name once you’ve done that  press ok

Then we need to press back twice to return to the kodi home screen and you then need to select add-ons from the left-hand side menu.

Once in add-ons you need to choose the box in the top left corner here we need to choose “install from zip file“now if you have come from a fresh start it’s going to give you a warning for security installation of add-ons from unknown sources is disabled if this comes up just go to settings  press on unknown sources it gives you another warning but just press yes and as you can see now unknown sources is enabled if you press your back button it will bring us back to the same screen.

In install from zip file select the name you give to the file and click on

After installation you get a notification in the top right corner once that wizard has downloaded and installed, sometimes the server seems to be quite busy so it did take about a minute or more “be patient”.

It does come up with pop-up here so just press on dismiss it then it gives you the choice to keep anything so if you want to keep trackt, real debride, login data just enable them in this menu if you don’t know what they are then don’t worry about them and just press continue.

Once you do that another screen comes up currently no Builds are installed from CellarTV and just press on build menu and it will take you to the list of their builds

If for any reason it doesn’t come up just head over to your add-ons and under program add-ons you’ll find Cellardoor TV wizard so press on that and then select CD TV builds and it will take you to exactly the same screen.

Now in build menu you can see there’s infusion and dominus I don’t know about infusion but if you install dominus you get both the builds.

They’ve got three servers if any server gives an error like there’s an invalid zip than try another server just pick a different server.

Choose fresh install, again it will come up with the prompt so press continue and then it should begin installing the build and as you can see it’s now downloading so any problems with servers just go back and pick a different one.

As soon as builds downloaded it we just need to wait for it to extract as soon as the extractions complete you’ll get this message here would you like to force close Cody or Reload profile now it is always recommended force close, as reloading normally crashes your Kodi so simply click on force close and you’re Cody’s should close down automatically

When you boot up Cellar Door TV it will then give you a choice of built Dominus build or infusion you can select whatever build you like.

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