Beginners Guide to Setup Kodi v19 “Matrix”

Welcome back to a brand new article as you’ve seen from the title today we are going to be a doing complete from the ground up explanation of the Kodi app how to download or install it on numerous different devices, what comes with that app how to add to that app and of course where the content comes from that you might want to consume

So let’s get straight to it  now the reason I’m explaining this for 2018 is because a lot of you guys are going to be probably buying devices trying to get into the world of Kodi around Christmas time and if you know about Kodi you’re going to be trying to show to family and friends how to actually use it so I thought if I explain to so you can share it with them so that you don’t have to go through the rigmarole of explaining everything

hopefully it has all the information that you will need to understand the world better and then of course you can take it from there and you can go and do use Kodi how you wish so definitely make sure you share this with your friends and family if they are interested in getting into the world now

What is Kodi? Platforms, Support, Devices 

We need to start and that is rightf rom the beginning and right now so first of all we’re going to talk about the Kodi app in general Kodi is an app which is available on Android it’s available on Mac OS it’s available on Windows and Linux it’s also available on the Raspberry Pi and it’s also available on iOS but on iOS it’s a bit of a tricky one because it will only last usually seven days and then you have to reinstall it through various different means or of course you can jailbreak your iPhone and then of course you have an unlimited app there like you would on Android etc

So what I didn’t mention is, of course, the fire stick or fire TV which is an Android-based system which has fire OS kind of over the top so you will need to download the android apk from the Kodi website

If you’re on Android it’s available on the Google Play Store, in  windows the same it’s available on the Windows Store and outside of those the majority of devices that you will have you can download it straight from the Kodi website of course you select your device and then follow their instructions on the website.

The Kodi app is a media center it has many different things but on the whole what it was created for was to allow you to have a home for all the things that you have so that’s movies TV shows music anything that you actually own you can actually play through the Kodi media player, like you would Windows Media Player or QuickTime Player on the Mac or you know any of those different players. You can of course if you have that content you can play it through there which is why when you’re actually on the Kodi app it has this notice under movies it’ll say your library is currently empty in order to populate it with your personal media enter file selection so you can actually sort of take drag onto the Kodiak stuff that’s already on your device and one’s right the way across here

Addons in Kodi?

when you download it if people have said I’ll download Kodi you get movies TV shows etc and you come on here and you see nothing that’s perfectly normal it is meant to be by uncle that is how the Kodi developers actually made it and then you can add to it there are things known as add-ons and

There are official add-ons and there are also third-party add-ons as well. The official add-ons we scroll down to where it says add-ons as you can see here here are a few

Some people will find them useful some people will actually get content from them but on the whole at this moment in time a lot of those official add-ons are need to be updated there’s a lot of you know broken add-ons. I think the official add-ons could be better but also you can actually download what’s known as third-party add-ons like I’ve mentioned now obviously with third-party add-ons sometimes these add-ons will be completely fine other times there’s been a bit of hot water recently and you will have to check restrictions legal guidelines etc in your individual regions and countries because some of the content on the third-party add-ons you may or may not be okay to watch but these third-party add-ons some have movies on my TV show some of live TV some have you know numerous different things that again you can download onto the Kodi app but again if you have problems with these third-party add-ons don’t contact Kodi they won’t help you

If you wanted to download a third-party add-on you would need to first find the source link so you can find that online on webpages on YouTube videos etc of individual third-party add-ons and they have source links that you can download from and

Installation of Kodi Add-ons:

In order to do that I’m going to show the steps

-You would have to go to the settings cog at the top

-Go down to file manager

-Then in file manager you would simply click on add source

-Then once you’re on here you simply would click on this bit where it says none

-And you would enter the source link, like I said these source inks will be very different depending on what third-party addons you are trying to download so they always generally start with HTTP:// and then let’s just make one up so you click on okay and then you name it

-Then click on ok like I said don’t, Do this one because otherwise it not works.

-Then you’d come out to home screen and you would go down to where it says add onsy ou click on add ons and then you would.

-Go to the file box opening up the top there

-Then you go to install from zip file now once you click on that you’ll get this pop up here

It says downloading add-ons from unknown sources is disabled.

Kodi aren’t responsible for third-party add-ons if you want third-party add-ons you have to enable it so you click on settings and then you go up to where it says unknown sources you click to on and then you click on yes there is always a risk when doing this just like there is on Android phone if you’re downloading apps for example again from unknown sources that aren’t available on the Play Store there are hundreds and thousands of amazing apps that aren’t available on the Play Store there are a couple of rogue ones the same will be the case for third-party add-ons

Once you’ve done that and you again click on install from zip file

As you can see there is the source link with name you give, here you click on that and each third-party atom will generally be housed in a repository

Click on the repository and the repository would then download you’ll get a little bar at the top right-hand side saying repository downloaded

And then, of course, you would then go to install from repository then inside that repository you would then find that third-party video or program add-on that you want to install.

Kodi Builds:

The default setup of kodi is what’s known as estuary this is the standard default skin but there are many different skins made by many different people you can download different skins as well to give yourself a different layout or if your Kodi for example doesn’t look default setting you probably have installed what’s known as generally a build

now a Kodi build is again generally made by a third party person nothing to do with Kodi and they’ve basically selected some add-ons change the skin to give a different look different backgrounds, different pictures, different text fonts and housed it together in a file that you can download so that again you don’t have to go and select your individual add-ons you can just kind of download one build and you have loads of different add-ons

The positives of a build is that it looks generally pretty nice it’ll have a much most people will think of much nicer layout with nice pictures from films or live TV or whatever and a nice easy layout a nice menu bar and of course the add-ons will already be pre-loaded on there

majority of good add-ons will be put onto a build and set out for you guys by a third party the downside to build is of course you’re waiting on the build creator to update that build and you then redownload it if they don’t update the build every two weeks probably minimum then a lot of the add-ons will then stop working like I’ve mentioned and then you’ll be left with a nice-looking build but no content on there will actually play because the add-ons that the builders used won’t be working anymore.

Kodi Wizards

Moving on from Kodi builds we have what’s known as Kodi Wizards, these Wizards are a place that house add-ons, they house build they, house ways to reduce buffering they different settings there are loads of different things within wizards and again Wizards will come and go so again

if you’re a new person to the scene and you want to find a place where it has all the add-ons all the builds etc downloading the wizard might be good and again downloading the wizard will be exactly the same by going to the settings log at the top going down to file manager and again inputting that source link

Wizard can change  profile settings, so that you can have more than one profile so if you’ve got children or friends or whatever that you share the same Kodi app the same device and you want your own setup in one you can obviously do that you can have different setups within that within two different profiles

Kodi buffering generally happens on live TV it will happen on movies and TV shows as well but not as much if you’re getting buffering on movies and TV shows then generally the reason behind that is the fact that a your internet speed isn’t that good be your device might not be that great either or the actual source of the content you’re trying to stream isn’t coming from a great place. The add-on that you’re using the actual generally they give you choices of different sources for that specific content you’re searching for you might want to try a different source.

I hope that this was as concise and condensed as possible there are obviously loads of other things that can be talked about and if you’ve got those questions again let me know in the comment section below.

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