Auto Cleaner for Kodi Developers

Auto Cleaner Plugin, an add-on for Kodi, and what it does? It will check for updates on start, it will also remove any broken add-ons that you set it to remove, and it will purge your packages now what I mean is when there is an update to an add-on it goes into a folder called packages so every zip file is downloaded goes into that folder. This will actually do every time anyone launches Kodi it will actually delete those add-ons every time that they launch on Kodi and will also automatically check for updates every time on new launch Kodi it will also purge the packages every time anyone launched  Kodi. Now you want to be careful when you go to remove directories because with the remove directory option what that this addon does is if you have an add-on that no longer works for example DECEIT the famous sports plug-in that has been working pretty great for sports and live TV, it just all of a sudden stopped working so I have a remove directory, you have to be careful because some people are still gonna want to use those so you want to make sure that at the very bottom,  state a message that says that broken add-ons have been deleted it’ll show that every time they launch  Kodi.

How Auto Cleaner Works:


  1. You can delete add-ons that are no more working.
  2. t will also remove any broken add-ons
  3. It will purge your add-on packages.
  4. This addon will delete folders and a repository of add-ons automatically.
  5. You can edit Addon XML and asfl files.

Auto cleaner addon you can automatically check for updates to add-ons every time someone lunches  Kodi one thing that I would suggest if you do that is you want to make sure that you set a idle shut down inside of  Kodi so that way it will automatically check for  Kodi every time they launch  Kodi I have mine set for an hour so after an hour of inactivity meaning nothing’s being done on the screen nothing’s playing no buttons have been pressed it will automatically close  Kodi they’ll have to actually open  Kodi again and when they open  Kodi it’ll run this auto cleaner so there’s an auto cleaner for you guys that should help out clear up some of the stuff on the devices give it a try if you’re running into any issues feel free to let me know in the comments below please be sure to subscribe to this channel thank you


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