11 Best IPTV Players for Mac [New List 2023]

There is no match for IPTV in terms of content delivery and cost. The Internet Protocol and live streaming create an amazing experience for the end-user. Cable TV and Satellite TV are not moveable you cannot watch anything everywhere but with an IPTV subscription viewers can pick or make playlists of programs and watch anywhere via internet connection. Just subscribe to your favorite IPTV service get M3U list, put it in IPTV Player, and start watching. IPTV supports multiple devices and platforms such as Kodi, Windows, MAC, Android, Most of the players work seamlessly on the Android or Windows platform but for apple devices, there are a lot less to chose from. But don’t worry there are many amazingly working IPTV players are available for MAC and Other Apple devices. We make a comprehensive list of MAC IPTV players which you will definitely enjoy.

What is IPTV Player?

IPTV simply means streaming content via Internet Protocol or IP address. There is a huge selection of IPTV addresses for each host library of country and language-wise channels. The popularity of IPTV grows significantly during these years, most of these services are own privately and difficult to trace even without a VPN. You can easily purchase a subscription for a few dollars as compared to cable. Due to the growing demand for IPTV Players to enhance their support for multiple platforms and operating systems, users can now watch an array of channels on Android, MAC, iPhone, NVIDIA Shield, and Firestick TV. To play any IPTV service fast and smooth users need to install a specialized player for this purpose, the IPTV comes with a list which is called the m3u list the list contains hundreds of addresses for each specific channel with an integrated EPG guide.

Best IPTV Player for MAC

The players come with both free and premium packages, you can download either a free version of the Player or get a pro version with more streaming capabilities and features. Most popular players are free to download, all of them work really well and completely change your experience of watching IPTV. These Softwares are available for every MAC model including Mac Mini, Macbook Pro, and Air. Also, make sure to connect players with a fast internet connection, most IPTV provides HD and 4k resolutions which require the fast transfer of data.

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Kodi IPTV Player

You might use Kodi for watching amazing HD content a few years back but due to the severe cases of copyright, many applications shut down. Still, Kodi remains a common player in media streaming in fact you might don’t previously know that it can also be used as IPTV Player for MAC. The reason it is the best application for IPTV on MAC is due to the long history of KODI in the streaming world. Kodi supports many platforms including Iptv for windows and android.

How to play IPTV on KODI

  • On Kodi Dashboard Click on Setting ICON.
  • Select Add-ons and click on the box icon on the top left corner
  • From the list click on Install from repository
  • Then show All Repositories
  • On PVR Clients Select PVR IPTV Simple Client
  • Wait for PVR IPTV Simple Client to be installed on Kodi
  • Open PVR IPTV Simple Client and click on Configure
  • Tap on the M3U Playlist URL
  • Start IPTV streaming simply by putting URL.

VLC Media Player (Easy Navigation)

A dynamic media player VLC is a multi codec-supported player, you can play different types of media files on VLC, the software is available for both Windows and MAC. The ease of use and fast execution of M3u lists make VLC beginner-friendly. VLC can capture live streaming from devices as well as from the internet, the speed of streaming is fast with the drag and drop feature. Download the M3u list and simply open it on VLC.


  1. Free Download VLC Media Player on your MAC
  2. Open VLC
  3. From Menu select View
  4. Open Playlist
  5. Add a new playlist or Drag M3u Playlist on VLC

IPTV Smarters Pro

A specialized player for playing IPTV that supports Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. IPTV Smarters Pro has many additional streaming features including VOD, Live TV, IPTV, Music, and Movies. MAC users can get a unique streaming experience with EPG guides, M3u support, VPN integration, continue watching, local media playing, and many more.  IPTV Smarters quickly makes its name among MAC iOS and Apple TV users due to the powerful integration of IPTV with extra features attached.

iptv smarters pro download


Facing problems in playing M3u, JSON, or DB Formats try GSE Smart IPTV for MAC, a complete player for your IPTV needs. No other player has such advanced features for IPTV. Get live streaming going with GSE Smart IPTV. Upload your M3u list directly or remotely, special parsing technique for IPTV, RTMP. GSE IPTV has a complete playlist manager MAC users can edit, save and delete local playlists and export them in M3U format. Electronic Program Guide(EPG) supports multiple extensions like XML, GZ, and Zip.

Download GSE Smart IPTV for MAC


The best player to watch IPTV streaming on MAC with Airplay with iPhone, MAC OS screen mirroring feature. It comes with DLNA Controller that boosts the streaming speed and performance. One of the best features of 5kPlayer is hardware acceleration which supports devices with NVIDIA CUDA®, AMD, Intel® QSV, & DXVA 2.0 graphic processors. Love to watch 4k or 8k content, 5Kplayer renders HDR 4k and 8k content more smoothly thanks to the acceleration feature. Its support for macOS/Mac OS X devices has no match, users can watch UHD quality IPTV as well download and record on the player.

GOM Media Player

The GOM IPTV player for MAC is used by PC owners for a long time now player expanded its support to multiple platforms including MAC and iOS. Experience the 4K UHD resolution with less buffering. For many years PC users use GOM players to play videos that were broken due to data loss. People love the simple and user-friendly interface of GOM Player, the recent version for MAC user feature more support for format and playback options.

OTT Player

Do you watch IPTV for free or having a paid subscription then you need an IPTV player just like OTT Player. The player has support for MAC and other iOS devices. OTT Player is a useful application to group all the playlists in one place and after making adjustments you can receive an EPG guide. Watch favorite TV Shows, Channels, VOD, and movies on your MAC devices, mobile, tablets, and on TV.

ott iptv player

OTT player support for various formats makes it fairly the best IPTV player for MAC users. The player is really worth downloading, many users around the world prefer using an OTT player for playing IPTV.

TV Stream IPTV Player

User-friendly and highly accessible IPTV player for MAC users. Millions of users use IPTV daily and TV streams make their watching experience enjoyable and fast. As a part of the Apple Appstore, this IPTV app is accessible to all iOS users, after installing you can easily import any m3u list after this TV stream will automatically sync each channel. Watch a range of IPTV channels tech, sports, entertainment, documentaries, Latino, Spanish, and UK tv channels at any time on your MAC TV. If you don’t like your old IPTV player and need to change the TV stream is the best app to go.

IPTV World

The IPTV does not mean that it is lazy but it is a relatively fast and lightweight media player compatible with MAC devices. One of the best free players with customizing features for MAC users. Watch your favorite news channels IPTV host each and every category of channels including top US news channels. Some of the categories of channels you can play on Lazy IPTV are Movies, Classic TV, Kids, Animation, Reality, Comedy, Thriller, Music, Documentaries, and Sports.


One of the most popular IPTV players for Android is now also compatible with MAC, easily install Tivimate from AppStore. There is a huge selection of addresses and m3u lists available on the internet for free but it is better to purchase an IPTV subscription for a smoother and more original experience. Flex is just a player for IPTV you need to find the best IPTV service provider in your country and add an m3u playlist to Flex. The free app just supports the playing of IPTV but the premium version includes a host of important features like multiple playlists and formats.

Winamp IPTV Player

Since is its launch in 1997, Winamp has been supported by a large community of must producers. The player mainly supports audio extensions and can run any type of music file. Adding unique skins to Winamp is the main factor behind Winamp’s popularity which enhances the user experience and keeps them away from getting bored.  In recent years Winamp added many new improvements and features, IPTV is one of them, keeping in view of other popular IPTV players. Don’t like to watch channels on the cable tv just get a subscription from your favorite IPTV provider and watch amazing channels with EPG using Winamp.

How to use Winamp to play IPTV

  • Download Winamp for Free
  • Open the newly installed player
  • From the menu select File
  • Select Open Playlist to add new m3u playlist
  • Play and enjoy the experience

Which IPTV is Best?

The list contains more the one player which might confuse you, all of them are great and loved by so many people. Some players like VLC, Winamp and GOM Player are more of media players for playing all kinds of extensions and not specifically designed for IPTV in mind, the main benefit of them is you can play all other formats simultaneously with them. IPTV Smarters PRO and GSE Player are best suitable for subscription-based IPTV, you can add multiple playlists, play different types of m3u lists, add new channels, scheduled playlists, and EPG support.


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